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Achieve the Exterior Look You Want with a New Coat of Paint or Stain

When updating or transforming your home's exterior beyond the basics, trust Five Star Painting of Richland and Pasco for exceptional deck and fence painting services. Our project managers will review color and material options to help you make the perfect selection for your deck or fence, along with detailed plans to ensure each is done safely and efficiently.

From preparation through completion, our managers and Richland painters will handle every detail on your deck or fence painting project. During prep work, we'll clean the surface, removing any existing paint or stain that's chipping away and laying down a primer coat. Once the surface is ready, we'll apply your chosen color and protective coating to help you achieve the look you want for years to come!

Experience our simple, effective deck painting and staining process that ensures a five-star experience. Schedule a free estimate today!

What to Consider When Choosing to Paint or Stain Your Deck or Fence

Deciding to paint or stain your deck or fence can drastically change its aesthetic and functional value. But what is the right choice for your specific needs? Here are some factors to consider when deciding.

Choose to Paint Your Deck or Fence if:

  • You Desire a Wider Range of Colors – Paint offers a broad spectrum of colors, allowing you to match your deck or fence with the rest of your home's exterior or create a unique accent.
  • You Want a Smooth, Consistent Finish – Paint can provide a uniform, consistent color across your deck or fence, giving it a clean and well-maintained appearance.
  • You're Looking for More Protection – Generally, paint creates a solid, impermeable layer that offers more protection against moisture and sunlight compared to stains.

Choose a Stain Your Deck or Fence if:

  • You Want to Highlight the Wood's Natural Beauty – Stains are designed to penetrate the wood and enhance its natural grain and texture. This can give your deck or fence a more rustic or natural look.
  • You Seek Easier Application and Maintenance – Stains are generally easier to apply and maintain. When it's time for a touch-up, you usually don't have to remove the old stain — a new coat can be used on top.
  • You Prefer a More Natural Look – Stains offer a range of finishes, from clear to solid, and allow the texture of the wood to show through, even with darker colors.

If you need help determining which option is suitable for your deck or fence, contact Five Star Painting of Richland and Pasco for advice from experienced professionals. We'll help you choose the best paint or stain to create your desired look!

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Of course, we'll follow that up with top-notch painting services to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish. We're ready to help you see why we've earned a strong reputation of excellence in the nearby and surrounding areas!

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