Residential Painting Services

Revitalize Your Home With Five Star Painting!

Repainting the inside of your home can bring it back to life. Painting the interior is a budget-friendly way to revitalize existing space. When selecting colors, neutral shades are common in many living areas.

• Living room

• Family room

• Dining room

• Kitchen

• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms

• Laundry room

• Pantry

• Hallways

• Entry

• Garage

Softer colors do not have to be drab. Paint contractors can add colorful accent trim or apply a deeper or brighter shade to one wall. The accent paint can be boldly different or just a few shades lighter or darker. A strategically placed color can sometimes create an optical illusion and change the feel of a room without moving a single wall. For example, painting the ceiling a lighter color can draw attention upwards and create the feeling of an elongated space.

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Change a Room With Five Star Painting!

If you want to change a room completely, paint can help you achieve a particular look or feel. In these situations, going for bolder and richer tones might be the best option to create an intimate space in some work and relaxation areas.

• Mancave

• Home office

• Game Room

• Workshop

• Study

• Den

Brighten Your House With Five Star Painting!

Adding pastels or light hues will open up a room. These softer palettes can help you achieve a whimsical, childlike, or welcoming feel. The tones work well in a kid’s room, small common areas, and nooks.

• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms

• Breakfast nook

• Craft room

• Wine cellar

• Mudroom

• Laundry room

• Poolhouse

• Pantry

• Hallways

• Entry

• Attic

• Nursery

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