Residential Painting Services

Your home may need a professional touch to transform the interior and exterior surfaces. Whether you prefer a cheerful, muted, or bright look, we have a color to suit your taste. We'll match reliable painting contractors to your project, and they'll work hard to deliver the best results.

Exterior Painting Services

Exterior spaces need to look attractive, and we'd like to be your trusted partners in achieving that. Add curb appeal by choosing the best color shade that matches your home. We'll prioritize quality when handling your home improvement project. The painting contractors we work with use trusted paints such as Behr® and Sherwin-Williams®. Services at Five Star Painting extend to exterior spaces such as the following:

• Garages

• Playhouses

• Sheds

• Porches

• Exterior doors

• Gates

• Fences

Contact us today at (254) 875-0129 for further details on our painting services in Waco.

Interior Painting Services

A complete makeover of your home deserves a professional touch in all the interior spaces, ranging from the living room to the bedroom. This is where Five Star Painting comes in. Our objective is to help make your home look new again. We work hard to deliver professional results by transforming your interior services.

Some of the interiors we paint include:

• Bathrooms

• Pantries

• Ceilings

• Living rooms

• Shelving

• Hallways

• Kitchens

• Cabinets

Why Five Star Painting Is the Best Option

Our goal is to help improve the look of your home. Hiring us is the first step toward achieving your dreams. We operate under well-defined core values, which make us professional and efficient. We strive for proficiency, customer satisfaction, and quality services. Plus, we value the input of our customers. At Five Star Painting, we work side by side with our customers so that we can help accomplish their painting goals. Delivering high-quality painting services is very important to us.

Contact us today at (254) 875-0129 and inquire about our painting services in Waco. You can also book an appointment online.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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