Pastel Paint Colors for Walls Throughout Your Home

Pastel Paint Colors for Walls Throughout Your Home

Pastels may seem a bit intimidating but adding them to the walls of your home is a fun way to brighten up small or dark rooms while keeping things sophisticated and soothing. There are more pastel options than just spring florals, though.  

In this article, we’ll explore the world of pastel colors you could use to bring more life and a pop of color to certain areas of your home. 

Why Choose Pastel Wall Paint? 

Pastels add a lot to a room. There are soft shades that are great for a kid’s room, but plenty of pastels add a touch of gentle elegance.  

Find out what they have to offer your home: 

  • Bring the light. Pastels are, by definition, light colors. That means they’re the perfect paint colors to make a room look brighter. Try painting with pastels to add an airy feel in rooms that are small, dark, or don’t have windows.
  • Make a space pop. A pastel accent wall can warm up a space full of neutral tones or make it feel livelier. For a more subtle pop, add pastel paint to your cabinets or bookshelves instead of the wall. 
  • Add character to your home. If you’re tired of white, beige, and light grey, then pastels are perfect for adding color to your home without losing sophistication. Make use of small or go-between spaces like entryways or hallways by painting with pastels that make them come alive. 
  • Create a soothing feel. People use pastels in babies’ rooms for a reason; the soft hues have a calming quality. If you’re looking to unwind, pastel walls can help set the mood in family spaces. 
  • Experiment with neutrals. There’s more than just baby pink and baby blue in the realm of pastels. You can use unique, pastel neutrals to add a subtle but bright difference to your home. 

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How to Use Interior Pastel Wall Paint Colors 

When you start looking for pastels to use in your home, take some color inspiration from your interior design. A colorful rug print or pastel sky in your living room painting can be great sources for pastel color choices. Whereas stained wood features and a more rustic design style may require more selective pairings like warm, earthy pastels.   

To help you narrow your selection, here are some suggestions:  

  • A calming bedroom. Pastels soothe and relax the brain, making them ideal for bedrooms. Create your relaxation oasis with shades like Bravo Blue | SW 6784 or Mountain Air | SW 6224. Or, find your perfect pastel bedroom paint colors by exploring your favorite colors in their pastel hues.  
  • A bright, small space. A small, dark room like a laundry room, mudroom, or hallway can get an instant brightness boost from a lighter shade of paint. Lily | SW 6693 is the perfect sunny hue. 
  • A bold accent wall. Looking to add character but not commit to a full room of pastels? A pastel accent wall can lighten darker shades and add personality to neutral shades. Make it pop with colors like Comical Coral | SW 6876. 
  • A comforting living room. Your living room can reach the perfect balance between elegant relaxation and lighthearted fun. Pastels like Green Trance | SW 6462 or Opaline | SW 6189 straddle that line, making it easy to make a living room worth spending time in. 
  • A unique bathroom. Whether you’re looking to create a neutral palette or paint a bathroom so it pops, there are plenty of pastel shades to match just about any bathroom design. Make something unique by choosing Hyacinth Tint | SW 6968 for the walls. 
  • Stand-out neutrals. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a neutral! Make your guest room experience something special, or paint a room to go with the design schemes in your home inspiration book. Irish Cream | SW 7537 or Hush White | SW 6042 can slide right into your plans for interior design.  

Get Started with Pastel Paint for Your Home  

If you love the idea of using pastel colors to add some charm and brightness to your home but are not sure if you can pull it off yourself, let the local pros at Five Star Painting help. We’re experts when it comes to interior painting and exterior painting for your home. And with our Neighborly Done Right Promise, you can be sure the job will get done to your complete satisfaction. To get started, give us a call at (888) 261-3633 or schedule an estimate online today.