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What to Do Before Painters Come?

If you're looking for a hassle-free approach to painting your home, Five Star Painting in Brandon is here to assist you. Though our professional house painters are ready to provide top-quality painting services for your home and do all the prep work for you, the painting process does begin sooner if the home is slightly prepared beforehand. Proper home preparation can ensure a smooth and efficient experience, saving you time and money. By properly preparing your home, you'll create an ideal environment for our painters to work their magic. Trust us to handle all your house painting needs and enjoy a positive painting experience from start to finish.

  • Move and Cover Furniture - To prepare a room for painting, it's recommended to remove small, easily movable furnishings like coffee tables or light stands. However, larger furniture such as sofas, beds, dining tables, and chairs may be challenging to relocate. In such cases, you can simply move the furniture to the center of the room. This arrangement provides the house painter with sufficient space to work and minimizes the risk of accidental damage. Additionally, it's a good idea to cover the furniture with an old sheet or a large cloth to protect it from any potential paint splatters or drips.
  • Remove Electronics and Appliances - It is advisable to either remove or cover electronics and appliances, such as televisions, sound systems, gaming systems, stoves, and refrigerators before the painting job begins. These items are valuable and can be damaged or defaced by paint. Attempting to move or relocate them can also pose a risk. If you don't have large enough materials to cover them, don't worry. The professional house painting contractor will typically bring drop cloths to protect your prized possessions. However, it's important to note that paint splatters can still occur, especially when painting the ceiling, even with proper covering. Therefore, the best solution is often to move all items to another room to ensure their complete safety.
  • Wall Hangings and Ornaments - Before the painting job begins, it is important to remove wall hangings and decorative ornaments from the walls. Take down all picture frames, paintings, clocks, mirrors, candle holders, and other decorative wall art carefully. Wrap them in bubble wrap or protective material to prevent any damage and store them in clearly labeled storage boxes or containers. While it may be tempting to pile and cover these items with large furniture gathered in the center or corner of the room, there is still a risk of paint droplets reaching and potentially damaging your valued decorative pieces. Ultimately, it is advisable to relocate them to another room to ensure their complete protection during the painting process.
  • Protect Soft Furnishings - Before the painting project commences, it is essential to remove and store soft furnishings such as mats and rugs to ensure their safety and cleanliness. Window treatments like curtains, drapes, and blinds should also be cleared away. To provide additional protection, rugs, and mats can be rolled up and covered with plastic. This precaution is necessary regardless of whether the ceiling will be painted or not. By clearing away these items, you minimize the risk of them getting stained or damaged by paint. Additionally, removing soft furnishings and furniture facilitates easy cleaning of the room and walls in preparation for the painting process.
  • Prep and Clean Walls - While it may seem unnecessary to clean your walls before a fresh coat of paint, it's actually a crucial step that can make a significant difference. Over time, dust, dirt, and stains can accumulate on the walls, even if they're not easily visible to the naked eye. When you apply new paint, these substances can interfere with the adhesion and create imperfections. To avoid this, take the time to thoroughly clean the walls. You can use a long-handle broom or a small vacuum to remove dust and cobwebs from the walls and ceiling. Then, use a mixture of water, detergent, and a sponge to wipe away any remaining debris and stains. It's advisable to do this a few days in advance to allow the walls to dry completely before the house painting contractor begins their work. This will ensure a smooth and flawless finish for your newly painted walls.
  • Vacate the Area - During the painting process, there will be restrictions on the time you and your family can spend in the areas being painted. In some cases, you may need to completely vacate the room or even the entire house depending on the size of the job. It's important to plan ahead and gather all the items you'll need during this time, as accessing them may become challenging once the painting begins. Additionally, it's crucial to keep children and pets away from the work area to prevent accidental spills or contact with paint. If the entire house is being painted, you might consider staying with relatives or going on a mini-vacation to make the process more convenient. Being away from the paint fumes is not only more comfortable for you and your family but also ensures a safer environment, especially for young children.

By following these preparation steps, you'll help create an optimal environment for professional painting. It will save time, ensure a smoother process, and result in a beautifully painted home. At Five Star Painting of Brandon and Riverview, residential painting is what we do best. Homes are investments, and you should treat yours as such. One of the best ways to protect your investment is by getting the painting done properly.

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