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Make Your Kitchen Feel Fresh and Brand New

Are your living room and kitchen cabinets appearing worn? Do you want a new coat of paint outside, or have you noticed any fading? You may need to refinish your cabinets to keep them looking beautiful and to give your space a new feel. When this occurs, you can rely on our Omaha cabinet refinishing service to restore the beauty and new look of your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Our Spoken cabinet refinishing professionals can help you improve the look and feel of your space by completely sanding and refinishing your cabinets. We will review the task details with you and inform you of the fee before we begin. After our cabinet painting specialists have finished repainting your cabinets using the best paints and working within your budget and timetable, your home will be clean and free of any work-related messes. Contact our skilled cabinet refinishing service right away for a free job estimate. 

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Should You Refinish or Reface Your Cabinets?

Your cabinets should be refaced or refinished, depending on the available space. Before changing the color or finish of your cabinets, you must sand off the previous finish and apply a fresh coat of paint. Cabinet refacing necessitates the replacement of cabinet fronts. Refacing your cabinets will change the look of your space, but it is more expensive and time-consuming. Refinishing your cabinets is preferable if they only need a fresh coat of paint to liven them up.

If you want to refinish your cabinets, you can have them painted, stained, or glossed. After painting, your cabinets will have a strong, smooth appearance and feel. They will appear richer and deeper after staining. Because of the glazing, their colors have a sense of depth and contrast. Whatever the situation, our trained cabinet refinishing specialists will help you make the best decision for your requirements.

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