Exterior Painting in the Villages, FL

Should I Paint the Exterior of My House?

Does your home appear dull and drab from the outside? Do you want to transform the look and feel of your home without replacing the siding altogether? At Five Star Painting, we specialize in exterior residential painting!

If you notice any peeling, blistering, or bubbling paint on your exterior, it’s time for some new paint. Stucco, for instance, is pretty durable but it can still get damaged due to failing paint. Have your house painted at the first signs of failure! Doing so can help prevent damage from moisture, weather, and other elements. This is especially important in Florida due to all the rain and harsh weather we see.

Exterior of a grey painted house with white siding and a large garage with a dark grey painted door.

At Five Star Painting of The Villages, we can paint more than traditional homes! Additional exterior services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Trimming
  • Touchups
  • Sheds
  • Storage units
  • Gazebos
  • Attached and detached garages

Trust us for honest & affordable exterior painters in The Villages FL! Book your free estimate or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Why Choose Our Exterior House Painters Near You?

Our mission is pretty simple, and that is to deliver customer-focused, quality-driven™ exterior painting services. It’s one thing to get someA uniformed Five Star Painting estimator holding a blue project folder in front of his company truck. paint and start painting away. It’s another to perform the necessary prep work, sourcing high-quality paint, and using proper application techniques.

Our highly-rated exterior painters go above and beyond to deliver an amazing experience from start to finish.

At Five Star Painting of The Villages:

  • We Warranty Our Services. We back our exterior house painting services with a two-year warranty. Your job’s not done until it’s done right.
  • We Perform a Final Walk-Through. When we’re finished, we’ll perform a final walk-through with you to ensure you're completely satisfied with our work. If we notice any areas for touching up, we’ll handle them.
  • We Perform Thorough Estimates. The initial estimate is free, but we still use advanced technology for precise measurements of your home and project. We’re meticulously thorough with this process to help avoid surprises along the way.
  • We’re On Time and On Budget. We’ll give you an ideal time of how long the project will take then we’ll complete the work on time. Pricing is discussed up-front and we’re transparent about all the costs. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

If you’re looking for premium service that’s “done right”, you’ve come to the right place.

To get started, use our online scheduler to book your free estimate. Simply choose the best day and time slot that works for you.

Let Our Professional Exterior Painters Increase Your Curb Appeal!

Your home's exterior is the first thing your neighbors see when driving by your property. Increasing your home's curb appeal has never been easier than with a new and updated paint job. At Five Star Painting, we use top paint brands, such as Behr® and Sherwin Williams®. High-quality paint can bring your home to life with the color scheme of your choice.

A new paint job is also optimal if you are seeking new ways to increase your property's value on the market. Are you thinking of selling your home or plan to soon? A new coat of paint and an updated modern look can attract potential buyers! Our exterior house painters in The Villages will understand exactly what you want. This attention to detail will help deliver your desired results.

Want to learn about our exterior residential painting services? Give us a call  or reach out to us online!

Boost Your Home's Value with Our Exterior Painters Near You!

With paint, we can rejuvenate your home's appearance without demolishing the exterior siding. Our exterior painters in The Villages are knowledgeable about paint types and finishes. We also perform necessary prep work and use proper paint application techniques. Both of which are critical for a high-quality and long-lasting paint job.

Visit our testimonials page to check out our reviews! Our customers love our:

  • Superior work quality,
  • Professional communication, and
  • efficient and thorough work.

Five Star Painting of The Villages is locally owned and operated by Rafael Hernandez. Our team is backed by positive reviews and numerous successful painting jobs.

You can trust us for superior exterior house painting services! Give us a call or reach out to us online to book your free estimate.

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Exterior Painting - Frequently Asked Questions

Is having my exterior repainted essential to overall home maintenance?

Yes, exterior painting should be part of our routine home maintenance. Your exterior should be painted every 5 to 10 years or so.

Should I have professional painters handle my exterior painting?

Yes, exterior painting should be left to the pros! Professional painters have all the tools and materials needed for quality workmanship. Additionally, they will perform the necessary preparation before applying the new paint.

When it comes to painting, professional painters use the proper application techniques. This ensures your house is left with a five-star quality paint job that will last.

When is the best time to paint my house?

Surprisingly enough, the best time for exterior painting in Florida is winter. Florida is known for its sunny and beautiful weather. Unlike the Midwest, we do not suffer from freezing cold winters. However, this doesn’t mean that every sunny day is the right day for exterior painting.

The problem with painting exteriors during the summer is the heat and humidity. If applied in too hot or humid conditions, new paint won’t bond to your home properly. As a result, the paint can creak and peel.

Winter yields the best ingredients for a long-lasting exterior paint job for a few reasons:

  • Humidity levels are lower
  • The highs average 65°F-77°F
  • It doesn’t rain as often and winds are calmer

If winter isn’t the best time for you, early spring typically offers decent conditions. If summer and fall are still the best time for you, it’ll ultimately depend on the weather. We’ll be happy to help schedule your project around the weather.

How Much To Paint A House Exterior?

Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve to have it looking its best. Whether small or large, old-fashioned brickwork or newly built stucco exterior--the possibilities are endless when it comes to making over your abode into an extravagant paradise. Don't forget that great preparation will ensure a spectacular transformation in the end—make an investment now for beautiful rewards later!

Investing in exterior painting can be a great benefit to your property, with rewards including improved curb appeal and significant increases in value. Plus, the satisfaction of having a beautiful home that stands out from the rest is priceless! Costs typically range between $3-10K depending on size and complexity - but it's an investment worth making.

Upgrade your home to the next level with minimal effort! Hire a professional painter and sit back while they handle all of the pesky prep work - no sweat necessary. Reap in awe-inspiring results for an unforgettable exterior makeover, knowing that you're backed by robust reassurance every step along the way.

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