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Pressure Washing Services

Refresh and enhance your property's external surfaces with our powerful pressure washing services. At Five Star Painting of Auburn-Opelika, we specialize in pressure washing services in Auburn, AL. Our service professionals help rid your walkways, driveways, and exterior walls of built-up dirt and dust. We're committed to enhancing your property's visible appeal through our painting and pressure washing services. Our pressure washing services are the perfect way to prime your house for the perfect painting job. Contact us to learn more about our residential pressure cleaning options.

Exterior of house after pressure washing from Five Star Painting.

What Is Professional Pressure Washing?

Our skilled team utilizes a high-pressure sprayer boosted with specific chemicals to successfully eliminate deep-seated dirt and filth on your surfaces. Pressure washers are potent devices that cleanse your surfaces from stubborn stains, mold, grime, and various other debris. We depend on it to prepare your surfaces for a pristine paint job. Our team is trained in the most effective and safest levels of pressure washing for various surfaces. 

Professional Pressure Washing Advantages 

Pressure washing is an excellent way to successfully clean your surfaces. Most surfaces are not properly prepped for paint or stain application without pressure washing. Some of the most significant benefits of professional pressure washing services include:  

Enhances Curb Appeal  

Pressure washing eradicates unattractive stains and grime, improving the aesthetics of your property’s exterior.  

Prevents Potential Damages 

Mold, algae, and mildew can cause significant harm to your property over time. Regular pressure washing can effectively eliminate these growths.  

Increases Your Property's Lifespan 

Pressure washing removes harmful elements that degrade your property over time to prolong its lifespan.  

Excellent Surface Preparation  

Pressure washing allows our team to create a smooth surface to prepare it for an event application of stain or paint.  

What Does Pressure Washing Eradicate? 

Often homeowners are unaware of the layers of debris that accumulate on their homes, pathways, and driveways over time. Before painting, it's crucial to cleanse these surfaces to prevent covering dirt and debris with paint. Here are the common residues that our pressure washing services can remove:  

  • Dirt 
  • Gum 
  • Dust 
  • Old paint 
  • Mildew 
  • Mold 
  • Algae 
  • Algae 
  • Soot 
  • Bird Droppings 

DIY vs. Professional Pressure Washing Services 

While some homeowners prefer DIY pressure washing, it's safest and most effective when handled by professionals like us. We have the knowledge and skills to pressure wash your premises safely and ready them for painting. Oftentimes, individuals mistakenly select excessive pressure and cause damage. Pressure washing is best left to trained professionals.  

Providing Safe & Effective Pressure Washing 

Our company is trained in the safest pressure washing techniques. We understand the importance of protecting your home, so we assess your surfaces to determine the appropriate water pressure and utilize advanced tools for maximum results. We understand the balance that too little pressure won't clean, while excessive water pressure might harm your surfaces.  

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Auburn-Opelika? 

Five Star Painting of Auburn-Opelika is with you every step of the way, from the initial pressure washing to the final inspection of the painted project. We help you navigate our painting process and break down your choices. Our pressure washing services are key to our high-standard residential painting services. Highly pressurized water effectively tackles debris that has built up on your surfaces over the years. Professional pressure washing is recommended every decade to keep your surfaces in optimal condition. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs and provide a home visit to estimate our pressure washing services. We're ready to answer your painting queries and collaborate with you to meet your home restoration goals. 

Contact Us for Pressure Washing Services 

Five Star Painting of Auburn-Opelika provides professional painting services in Auburn, Opelika, Smith Station, Dadeville, Tallassee, Pike Road, and Alexander City, AL. We eliminate stains and accumulated dirt from your exterior surfaces using our pressure washing services. We’ve fine-tuned the safest and most efficient methods to remove unwanted dirt and debris from your surfaces. Pressure washing is a critical phase of our superior quality painting process. Contact us now to schedule your pressure washing service or obtain an estimate for a painting project at your residence. 

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