Expert Residential One-Room Painting Service

At Five Star Painting®, we believe that a single room holds the power to redefine the entire atmosphere of your space. Our dedicated professionals are ready to turn your vision into reality by creating a sanctuary that mirrors your style and taste. From timeless neutrals to bold statements, we bring expertise and passion to every brushstroke. 

Let your room be a canvas of self-expression, and let us be the artists who help you bring your space to life. Give us a call to begin your single-room painting project today!

Single Room Painting Service

Whether you're seeking a serene retreat, a burst of energy, or a touch of sophistication, we're here to help. Our single-room painting service typically includes:

  • Color consultation: Collaborate with our experts to choose the perfect color palette that aligns with your style and enhances the mood of the room.
  • Surface preparation: Our prep work typically includes cleaning, patching, and priming surfaces to guarantee smooth and durable results.
  • Quality paint application: From brush to roller application, we adapt our methods to suit the characteristics of your room for an even, long-lasting finish.
  • Trim and detail work: We elevate the overall aesthetic of your space with precision painting of trim, moldings, and other architectural details.
  • Clean up: A tidy space is as important as a beautifully painted one. Our team ensures a thorough clean-up post-painting.

FAQs About Single Room Painting

How much does it cost to get a room painted?

The cost of getting a room painted is contingent on its size, the paint type used, and the job difficulty. The estimate may increase for larger rooms, intricate designs, or if additional preparation work is required. We recommend contacting your local Five Star Painting professional to obtain an accurate estimate for your project. 

How much paint do we use?

The amount of paint used for a single room will depend on the size of the room, texture surface and type, and the number of coats required. Your local Five Star Painting professional will conduct a thorough walk-through to gauge how much paint your space needs before devising a tailored approach for the project. Once our walk-through is complete, we'll provide you with an accurate estimate before we begin any work. 

Room Condition 

The success and efficiency of a single-room paint job are tied to the existing condition of the space. The state of the walls serves as a critical factor in determining the amount of preparation and paint required and the overall complexity of the painting process. Smooth walls in good condition will need less preparation and usually require less paint, while rooms with textured walls present unique challenges. For example, textured surfaces that absorb more paint may require more coats to achieve a uniform, polished finish. Walls that need to be repaired before any paint can be applied require more time and effort.  

Remember that trim, molding, and additional architectural features may also require extra paint. If the ceiling is included in the room painting project, this expands the total surface area to be prepped and covered.

Free Estimate Guaranteed  

We understand that transparency is crucial when it comes to transforming your living space. That's why we provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate at absolutely no cost. Our expert team will assess your room and consider its size, wall condition, and any unique characteristics before providing a precise quote. 

Learn more about our interior painting services to get started. 

Find Single Room Painting Professionals in Your Area

Whether you lack the time, supplies, or expertise required to get the job done right, your local Five Star Painting professional can make your vision come to life with meticulous surface preparation to the final, flawless finish. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so we don't consider a job done until it meets all your expectations — that's our Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

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