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What Is Commercial Painting?

It is possible for your commercial building to always look clean and modern when you use the services of painters who are knowledgeable about painting businesses. The good news is that Five Star Painting of Edison, NJ, works with painting contractors who are experienced at making commercial properties look their best.

The teams we work with can paint many types of commercial properties, some of which include:

  • Hotels
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Religious Institutions
  • Retail Businesses
  • Schools
  • And More

When it’s time to paint your building, don’t hire just anyone to do the job. Many people think painting is simple, but commercial painting requires equipment, experience, and skills. Commercial painters pay attention to the details that will help your building stand out from the others once the job is complete. Let one of the paint crews we contract with handle your next project!

You can count on our commercial painters near Edison, NJ for professional & responsive services. Book your free estimate by reaching out online or by calling us!

A large interior office space with a conference table, chairs, filing cabinets and computers.

HOA & Property Management Painter

As a property manager or member of a homeowners association (HOA), we understand your desire for a commercial painter that not only delivers high-quality services but also provides a seamless painting experience overall. At Five Star Painting of Edison, we have a straightforward goal: to maintain the beauty of your community and be the reliable, stress-free professionals you can count on. We strive to exceed your expectations in every aspect of our service, from start to finish.

Our team of experienced painters is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We use top-quality paints and materials, ensuring that the final outcome is long-lasting and visually appealing. We pay attention to detail and take pride in our craftsmanship, working diligently to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your community.

We also understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free experience for property managers and HOA members. Our team is committed to providing clear communication, timely completion of projects, and respectful interactions with residents and tenants. We prioritize your satisfaction and work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements.

Commercial Painting | Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose The Right Commercial Painting Company?

When it comes to selecting a commercial painter, there are a few key criteria to consider. First, what type of experience does the company possess? The more experienced a painter is, the better their work will be. Second, ask for references from past clients and check those references thoroughly—a good painter should have no problem providing them upon request. Finally, make sure that the company provides an estimate in writing before beginning any project.

How Do I Know If My Painter Did A Good Job?

Now that you’ve chosen a commercial painting company and had your space painted, how do you know if it was done properly? First and foremost, make sure that all surfaces were adequately prepared before painting began—this includes power washing (if needed) as well as sanding down any rough spots or blemishes on walls or trim. Next, inspect all corners; these areas are notorious for sloppy paint jobs because they require detailed cutting-in techniques that many painters fail to take seriously. Finally, after your walls have been painted but before they are completely dry to the touch, run your hand over them to feel for drips or bumps—these can easily be fixed while the paint is still wet.

Professional Commercial Painters Near Me

When you maintain your building by having it painted regularly, your property will often maintain or increase in value. Painting is preventive maintenance because it can protect the structure from the elements. Choosing the right colors to enhance curb appeal is a smart marketing strategy for adding to the value of the building. Our commercial painting contractors use best painting practices to protect your building.

You can select colors that match your company’s brand. Include your logo and other elements to enhance the visual appeal of your property. Consider your new paint job as a marketing strategy that could help bring in new business from customers who tend to favor neat, well-maintained establishments. When you are ready to have your building painted, contact us, and we will arrange for one of the paint teams we work with to take care of the job.

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