Pressure Washing Service in Ashburn, VA

Power washing does away with grime and mold to reveal the beautiful home underneath!

Heavy winds and rain blow dirt, dust, and moisture on home exteriors. Repeated occurrences form layers of green algae and black mold, or simply leave your exterior dull and discolored. Power washing from Five Star Painting restores a clean, bright exterior to your home.

Without treatment mold and algae appear on:

  • Exterior Siding
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Driveways
  • Walkways and Sidewalks

Deep cleaning these areas combats Northern Virginia weather from making your home look dirty and faded. A clean exterior helps one retain the value of their home and shows a certain level of care. In the end your home will look and feel better with the thorough work a pressure wash gives.

Why Have Power Washing Professionally Done?

While anyone can rent a pressure washer to handle exterior cleaning themselves, there are benefits to having it professionally done by your local Five Star Painting professional:

  • Saves You Money – Renting a pressure washer from your local hardware store can run you close to $200 for a single day with prices varying for machines, length of rental, and more. A professional will already have a machine keeping you from navigating the rental counter and allowing you to only be charged labor.
  • Saves You Effort – Having access to a pressure washer is only half the work. After renting the machine you are responsible for transportation, including up and down ladders. A professional will know how to operate and maneuver their own machine. With experience and practice a professional keeps the project safe with minimal effort from you.
  • Saves You Time – A good exterior cleaning job typically requires two parts: a bleach spray from a hand pump and then pressurized spray from the machine. This can take the better portion of a Saturday to complete. In the hands of a professional your Saturday is free! You can trust that we will give your home the same attention and care in completing your project as you would.

Let’s not forget that a good exterior wash makes your house look brand new!

To keep your home from becoming one of the weather-wounded, contact Five Star Painting Loudoun for an estimate to bring your home back to life. Fill out the form below or call us today!

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