Why High-Quality Paint Matters

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Short-Term Advantages

At Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay, we understand that saving money is always a priority. We go above and beyond to offer competitive prices for our premier painting services. We always stick to the outlined budget. When we provide upfront pricing, we will never tack on hidden fees. Our goal is to do our very best to accommodate every financial situation.

At the same time, we believe that quality paint should never be compromised to cut costs. Paint is an item that warrants choosing long-term quality and value over a short-term discount. Make the smart investment and have our specialists paint the exterior and interior of your home with the right products, supplies, and materials. You’ll thank us later.

The Fundamental Ingredients in Paint

Today, we will discuss the primary reasons you should always choose high-quality paints. Before detailing the advantages of high-quality paint, let us break down the general qualities of paint. This will help us compare high-quality to low-quality paint.

Paint consists of three essential components:

  1. Resin provides an added layer of protection from wear and tear, improves surface adhesion, enhances color, and creates a clean, glossy finish.
  2. Pigmentation consists of the insoluble particulates that provide color, gloss, sheen, opacity, and corrosion inhibition.
  3. Solvents dissolve and disperse the ingredients in paint to maintain a desirable consistency and avoid clumping.

Now that we’ve defined these three paint qualities, we’re ready to discuss why high-quality paints are preferable.

Smoother Application & Spatter Resistance

Top-quality paints are far superior when it comes to applying paint. Premium paint tends to “level” much more fluidly – allowing the roller marks and brush strokes to smooth out evenly. This smoother application results from the ingredients in high-quality paints, which consist of binders, 100% acrylic latex, and superior resin. Quality paints also tend to be thicker and less likely to splatter flecks everywhere.

Increased Pigmentation for Thicker Coats

Another perk of high-grade paints is their desirable ratio of prime pigments to liquid additives. As a result, premium paint products usually cover previous coats and former imperfections more extensively and quickly. This can save both time and money since we will require fewer coats to cover the previous paint job. Increased pigmentation in high-quality paint products will also enhance the fullness and richness of the finish.

Improved Resistance to Everyday Marks & Cleaning

It is natural for cabinets, walls, shelves, windowsills, and doorframes to accumulate stains, dirt marks, and imprints due to everyday contact with objects and humans. The good news is you can diminish stains and residues with premium paints.

The smooth finish associated with top-tier paints will make your surfaces:

  • Less susceptible to stickiness
  • Capable of withstanding routine cleaning and scrubbing
  • More resistant to grime, dirt, and dust
  • Easier to touch up and wash
  • Mildew resistant

The binding agents in quality paint do much more than help paint stick to surfaces effectively. They also retain color sharpness, improve film integrity, neutralize stains, and prevent peeling.

Long-Lasting Shine & Fade-Resistant Appearance

Nobody wants to apply a brand-new coat of paint that will quickly fade. Unfortunately, aesthetic issues such as cracking, chipping, and peeling frequently emerge when using low-quality paint. While low-quality paint corrodes quickly, superior-quality paints offer stunning durability.

Don’t settle for mediocrity – choose Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay instead. We rely on best-in-class products and techniques to ensure your paint color remains vibrant and fresh looking for years. We use paints made with special additives, preservatives, and dispersing agents to provide extra dimensions of color and added defense against mildew and natural spoilage.

Pro Painters Who Rely on Top-Tier Paints

If you are looking for a team of esteemed painting specialists who understand the value of high-quality paint, Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay is your local solution. We use only the highest quality paints from established suppliers, such as Behr & Sherwin-Williams. Our reasoning is simple – high-quality paint will always provide better results than a cheaper alternative. We strongly believe the benefits of high quality outweigh the myopic benefits of saving a few bucks. A premium coat of paint is a wise long-term investment – boosting your property value and curbside appeal.