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Are you wondering if you should have your old cabinets replaced? You should consider professional cabinet painting by Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay to update and improve your home. New cabinets can be very expensive, but repainting the ones you already own is a surprisingly economical option. You can save quite a bit of money and time by having them professionally painted! Doing so can help your home look like new without going through the hassle of remodeling.

Are you unsure about which look is the right one for you? Our Tampa cabinet painters will help you to pick colors! With our color consultations, we can achieve the precise look you’re aiming for.

Want to learn more about our cabinet painting services? Call us today or reach out online! We offer free estimates.

Our Cabinet Painting Projects - Before and After

Before and after images of cabinets painted by Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay

Before and after photos of kitchen cabinets painted by Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay

White kitchen cabinets painted by Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay

Our Cabinet Painting Process

Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay painter carefully painting cabinets a trendy, modern grey

Cabinet painting is much more involved than many people realize. There are many steps involved in order to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting result. When you leave the job to Five Star, we take care of everything from initial preparation to finishing touches to ensure you're left with a stunning result.

Our cabinet painting process involves the following steps:

  • We'll meet you and perform our free in-home estimate.
  • We'll handle every single part of the prep process (this includes removing your cabinet doors and drawers, removing all of the hardware, cleaning, sanding, and priming).
  • We'll apply the necessary coats of paint.
  • We'll reassemble your cabinets.
  • We'll clean up after our work is done (yes, we take everything back with us, including all the trash).
  • We'll perform a walk-through with you at the end to ensure you're satisfied.

Prep Is Essential for Cabinet Painting​

Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay cleaning cabinet door before painting

Every eye-catching paint job depends on great prep work. Prep is particularly important when you’re painting cabinets. Cabinets are made from a range of materials and they sport a wide variety of finishes.

Before we begin any work on your cabinets, our cabinet painters in Tampa will:

  • Clean your cabinet surfaces carefully
  • Repair any broken trim or fixtures
  • Sand thoroughly to remove all old paint or stain
  • Carefully tape knobs and other fixtures that won’t be painted
  • Apply primer so that your paint topcoat won't flake

Count on us for quality cabinet painting in Tampa! To book your free estimate, give us a call or book online!

What Makes Our Tampa Cabinet Painters Different?

We're all about delivering quality cabinet painting services to our Tampa community. We do this by creating strong relationships and having high standards for ourselves. Check out some of the ways our team at Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay is different from the rest:

  • Our cabinet painters are backed by over 170 positive reviews.

We're known throughout Tampa for our professional, punctual, responsible, and valuable services. These are the qualities you want to look for in professional painters.

  • We offer color consultations.

Your cabinets are the visual cues that determine the ambiance of your kitchen. If you need help finding the perfect color for your cabinets, our experts can guide you. We're quite gifted at color consultations and can help you find the perfect color to achieve the mood, look, and feel you want for your home. Do you want your cabinet color scheme to echo sassy vintage hues? Or do you wish to reflect the muted color schemes that are currently in vogue? Whether you have an idea in mind or want to defer to an expert, we won't steer you wrong.

  • Our owner, Luis Badel, was brought up in the painting industry.

This means he, along with the rest of our team, has everything you need for the perfect cabinet painting job. We know all about the highest-quality paints and the proper paint application techniques. You can rest assured knowing you're getting the highest quality work.

  • Our cabinet painters are employed in-house.

We employ the cabinet painters working on your cabinets; we don't use sub-contractors! This means we have more control over the quality of our cabinet painting projects.

Our painters are proud to serve our Tampa community. Book your free estimate by reaching out to us online or by calling us.

Cabinet Painting - Frequently Asked Questions

Is repainting kitchen cabinets worth it?

Absolutely! You can save a significant amount of money by having your cabinets painted rather than replaced. New cabinets can take a long time to install and can be very expensive; in fact, brand new cabinets can easily account for nearly half of a renovation budget. Professional cabinet painting has the power to make your cabinets look as good as new, helping you save you money and get your whole renovation done quicker. The benefits of both cabinet painting and refacing are virtually endless.

Is painting kitchen cabinets before selling a good idea?

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Having your cabinets professionally painted is a cost-effective way to improve your home and make a great impression on buyers.

Keep in mind that bathrooms and kitchens are among the top things that attract buyers. Your kitchen can literally be the room that sells your home. Updating your outdated cabinets with a new color can go a long way to encourage a sale.

In one instance, some first-time buyers were drawn to a house based on a modern-looking kitchen. The kitchen cabinets were very old, but they were recently painted which made the kitchen look brand new. These house hunters ended up buying the house!

Need some guidance on color options? Our Tampa cabinet painters offer color consultations and would be happy to give you advice on the best color choices to help attract a wide audience of potential buyers.

Looking for expert cabinet painting near you? Reach out to our experienced cabinet painters and call us or book your free estimate online now!

How long will our newly painted cabinets last?

Cabinets that are professionally painted and maintained should last 8 to 10 years. Note the operative word "maintained." As with anything else in your home, maintenance is key to longevity, so make sure you keep your cabinets clean (see our maintenance tips below).

How do you clean painted wooden cabinets?

Be sure to follow these cabinet cleaning tips for best results:

  • Use the right cleaning tools. Do not clean your cabinets with sponges. Do clean your cabinets with a soft, damp cloth - microfiber cloths will work great. First, start by using your soft, damp cloth and wipe up dirty spots using a circular motion. If the dirty spots persist, then use a paint-safe cleaning solution.
  • Use the right cleaning solution. Avoid any cleaning solutions containing ammonia, wax, citrus, petroleum, and silicone. These can damage your cabinet paint. Use paint-safe cleaning solutions instead. Test your paint-safe cleaning solution on the back of your cabinet door or drawer before proceeding.
  • Wipe down your cabinets regularly. Get in the habit of cleaning up spills and messes immediately after noticing them. The longer you go between cleanings, the more gunk will build up on the surface of the cabinet, making them more difficult and time-consuming to clean.
  • Keep wet items away from your cabinets. Do not hang wet and damp cloths over your cabinet doors and drawers. Prolonged exposure to moisture can weaken the paint and reduce its lifespan.

You can rely on us for superior cabinet painting in Tampa, FL. Call us today or reach out online to book your complimentary estimate!

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