Professional Painters in Murrieta

Looking for Customer-focused Painters Near You? We Can Help!

A new coat of paint can make all the difference. If you are looking for a painting service for your property, contact the professionals at Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley. We offer a wide range of residential painting and commercial painting services. Our painters service Murrieta and the surrounding areas.

Home Painting Services in Murrieta

Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley provides quality house painting services throughout Murrieta and the surrounding communities. To learn more about our painters or level of service we provide, you can check out our values statement or read some of the reviews left by real customers.

Our Exterior Services

Looking for top-notch exterior house painters? Take your home to the next level with a brand-new coat of paint. Your home’s value is exponentially impacted by the color and state of the exterior. Most experts say that you need new paint every five to ten years.

Below are some of the exterior surfaces and structures our Murrieta painters can handle for you:

  • Doors
  • Window Frames
  • Fencing
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Trim
  • Paneling
  • Siding
  • Sheds
  • Pool Houses
  • And more

Don’t need paint but still want your house to look like new?

Contact Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley and schedule a pressure washing service with our Murrieta team. Pressure washing can give your home new life by knocking away all the dirt, stains, grease, mold, and mildew. Give your home new life with a much-needed scrub down!

How much does pressure washing cost?

On average within the industry, pressure washing a house can cost between $170 to $350. That price is determined by the size of the job since most pressure washing companies charge per square foot. To learn more about how much the scope of your project would cost, contact Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley and request a FREE estimate.

Our Interior Services

Need some interior painting projects tackled? We can handle those, too! Our professional painters at Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley have handled a wide range of house and room projects.

Types of interior rooms we can paint:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Game Rooms
  • Dens
  • Hallways

At Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley, we aren’t just painters; we are color specialists. That means we can help you through the entire process of revamping your home – from design and color concept to fruition and reality.

What does your room’s color say?

Color theory can help you understand what kinds of moods or feelings are attached to color. If you are starting your redesign journey and are looking for some color tips, here is a quick breakdown about what these colors might resonate with.

  • Red paint – red is a stimulating color that stirs adrenaline and can raise energy making it a good choice for living rooms or dining rooms.
  • Yellow paint – yellow is also stimulating, but it is more uplifting and can create happy feelings. It is a good choice for bathrooms or small rooms because it can make a space feel larger and more expansive.
  • Green paint – green is a restful color and is calming to the eye. Since it is a combination of blue and yellow, it is suitable for any room in the house by being a strong combination of relaxing or rejuvenating.
  • Blue paint – blue is considered a calming color that is said to slow respiration and heart rate. Blue is the preferred color for bedrooms because it is relaxing.

Complicated Painting Projects

Not every painting job is simple and, in times where the process is complex, you should rely on the professionals to help. As a professional painting company, we know what kind of equipment, paint type, and process is needed for any project.

Some of the more complicated painting services we can handle include:

  • High and hard to reach walls or ceiling
  • Details like crown-molding and baseboards
  • Textures like stucco, popcorn ceilings, or wood
  • Surfaces like brick or concrete
  • Time intensive projects like cabinet painting

Our painting contractors have years of experience and have developed a process that delivers quality results no matter the project. Call on us when you have a job on your hands that needs a little more expertise.

Painting Services for Commercial Properties

Our team also provides top-quality commercial painting services for your commercial property and business. Our professional painting contractors in Murrieta have tackled several different types of property projects in our years of experience – some of these properties include:

  • Hospitals
  • Theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Gyms

If you need a professional painting team, look no further than Five Star Painting of Temecula Valley. If your business or commercial property requires a unique project, contact our team—we can talk through the details with you.