Don’t Fall in Love…With the Wrong Paint Color

It’s February and love is in the air! This is also the time of year when well-meaning friends and family start giving out unsolicited advice about all things LOVE…

Here’s mine...🥰

Don’t ever fall in love with that paint chip right there in the paint store! He just might be a heartbreaker. It happens all the time, a quick glance at the paint chip display case.... Your eyes meet his ID#...You believe in your heart that, “This is the one!” You excitedly bring him home and...

One thing leads to another and you find yourself covered in paint and in tears and wondering what went wrong!

Choosing a paint color is a lot like dating…kind of.

Don’t rush. The right one will come along!

Don’t judge the final paint color by the paint chip alone. You may look at the rows of chips on the display and think that the flashy one stealing the show must be the one, but it could just be the quieter, more subdued fellow three rows up that wins you over in the end.

Look deep. On the surface he may appear one way but, the right lighting may reveal his true nature.

Do your research. A quick Google search on Mr. Chip will reveal how many other homes he’s been to and how things worked out there.

Don’t go it alone. Ask a trusted friend for advice. (Or maybe your local color consultant 😉).

“Date” for a while before you commit. Consider things carefully and ask questions…

  1. Are you complimentary to my space?
  2. Are you going to overshadow and steal all the attention?
  3. Do you have any undertones I should know about?
  4. Will I be happy with you at all times of day and night?
  5. Will you dramatically change once things start to get a little dark?
  6. Will you make dinner occasionally?

Wait, I forgot where I was going with this…

Sometimes, even the most perfect paint color can cause some disappointments. Maybe he does only look great on a full sunny day. Maybe he does change a little when it’s stormy outside, but if you can love him even on his darkest days; you’ll know he’s the one!

Looking for more advice on finding love with your perfect paint color? Call the matchmakers at Five Star Painting at 254-212-4593; we’d love to help!

Trina Rogers, Co-Owner of Five Star Painting of Temple