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Are you looking to give your home a facelift with exterior house painting? Five Star Painting of Wexford can make it happen! When it comes to exterior painting, we handle all the prep work and use proper painting techniques. Both are essential for a durable paint job that’ll stand the test of time. And for added peace of mind, we back our services with a two-year warranty.

Don’t worry about climbing ladders and spending weeks (or even months) painting on your own. Our top-rated exterior painters can get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. It won’t just be an exterior paint job - it will be a total transformation for your home! We promise to help you fall back in love with your home.

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The Benefits of Hiring House Exterior Painters

There are several benefits of hiring house exterior painters in Wexford, including:

  • Professional Expertise. Our professional exterior painters have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting paint job. We have experience in selecting the right paint and preparing surfaces properly to ensure the best adhesion and finish.
  • Time-Saving. Exterior painting is a time-consuming task that requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Hiring our professional painters can save you time and effort, as they can complete the job more efficiently and effectively.
  • Safety. Exterior painting involves working at heights and using ladders and other equipment. We are trained to work safely and follow proper safety guidelines to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Cost-Effective. Although hiring professional painters may seem expensive initially, it can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. We use high-quality paints and materials, which can last longer than cheaper alternatives. Additionally, a well-done paint job can increase the value of your home and save you from costly repairs caused by weathering and other damage.
  • Increased Curb Appeal. A fresh coat of paint can greatly enhance the appearance of your home and improve its curb appeal. This can be especially important if you are planning to sell your home, as a well-maintained exterior can increase its value and attract potential buyers.
  • Stress-Free. Painting your home's exterior can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Hiring our Wexford exterior house painters can relieve you of this stress and allow you to focus on other important tasks, such as spending time with family or working on other home improvement projects.

Overall, hiring house exterior painters can provide numerous benefits. 

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Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Enhance the appearance of your home with a stunning new color scheme with exterior painting services from Five Star Painting of Wexford.

Here are some ideas to help you increase the appeal of your home:

  • Focus on the front door
  • Expand the porch
  • Beautify your home with exterior painting
  • Introduce a new shutter color scheme

Regardless of what exterior painting you’re looking to have done, Five Star Painting of Wexford will be able to help you transform the look of your home.

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Bring Out the Best in Your Outbuildings

Want to give your shed a completely different appearance? Camouflaging your garage can make it blend into your land seamlessly. Whether you prefer to make it stand out or blend in with the surroundings, we can help you achieve it.

Here are some of the types of exterior painting tasks we are able to assist you with:

  • Beautifying and enhancing the durability of your deck by painting or staining it.
  • Matching the colors of the garage to your home colors.
  • Restoring a dilapidated barn to its former glory.
  • Create a new color scheme for your child's playhouse or treehouse to make it more fun and playful.

Exterior House Paint Colors

While you can technically paint your home any color without a homeowner’s association, there are reasons why you may want to choose certain options over others. 

If you’re moving - for instance - we recommend avoiding anything that may affect the resale value of your home. This includes paint colors that are very saturated, dark, or unusual. However, if resale just isn’t a concern right now, you can make nearly any color work with the right shade and trim color.

A few trendy colors you may want to consider include:

  • Charcoal gray
  • Navy
  • Warm whites and creams (a softer appearance than traditional whites)
  • Statement greens
  • Gray-green

Exterior House Paint Ideas

There are a lot of main color and trim color combinations to choose from, such as:

  • Dark colors with a pop of bright white
  • Statement doors in a bold color
  • Multiple shades of green paired together
  • Slate blue and pearl gray
  • Muted brown and green
  • Bright seafoam green and white
  • Sage green and cream
  • Red, white, and blue

Discuss the nearly endless possibilities with our Wexford exterior painters today! Book your free estimate online or by calling us .

It's Time for You to Overhaul Your Home

Painting the exterior of your home in the correct color can make it appear larger. If you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, a pastel blue or yellow may be just what you are looking for. You will be delighted with the quality of our exterior painting services, and your rejuvenated home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Exterior Painting | FAQs

How often should I have the exterior of my home painted?

Exterior painting is a necessary home maintenance project that should be undertaken every few years. The frequency with which you need to repaint your home's exterior depends on a number of factors, including the material of your siding, the climate in your region, and the level of exposure to sunlight and other elements. 

For instance, if you live in an area with high humidity, you may need to paint more often than someone who lives in a drier climate. In general, though, most experts recommend repainting the exterior of your home every three to five years.

By taking this preventative measure, you can help protect your home from the elements and keep it looking its best for years to come.

How long does an exterior painting job usually take?

The timeline for an exterior painting job depends on the size of your home and the scope of the project. Typically, it takes about 3-5 days to paint the exterior of a medium-sized home.

At Five Star Painting of Wexford, we review timeframes with you before we begin any work. That’s why we’re so thorough during the initial appointment. We’ll communicate a reasonable time-frame with you and we’ll stick to it.

What types of paint do you use for exterior painting?

We use high-quality paint products from reputable manufacturers that are specifically designed for exterior use. These exterior paints are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to weathering and fading.

How do I get started with an exterior painting project?

To get started with an exterior painting project, schedule an appointment by using our online scheduler

We will meet you at your home to discuss your needs and preferences, provide a detailed estimate, and work with you to schedule the project at a time that is convenient for you. The estimate is free of charge!

If you would like to receive a free estimate for exterior painting services in Wexford, contact us online or call today!

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