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Exterior Residential Painting

The state of the exterior paint of your home has an impact on your property. It also has an impact on your neighbors' property and the immediate nearby community. When homes begin to look worn out, it sends a message. The message should always be that the properties in the area are well-maintained, including yours.

The Exterior Residential Painting Services We Offer

When you think about exterior residential painting services, you may only think about the walls getting a new coat. This service goes beyond the walls and includes:

• Deck and fence painting

• Garage painting

• Porch painting

• Shed painting

• Exterior door painting

• Exterior trim painting

Additionally, the painters who arrive at your home to complete the job can also use stain on surfaces such as:

• Wood siding

• Cedar shingles

• Vinyl siding

• Brick

• Stucco

• Aluminum siding

• Composite siding

No stone is essentially left unturned. The goal is to give the exterior components of your home and property a new glow. This improves the value of your property as well as its curb appeal. These are two factors that also keep communities safe and clean.

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Our Extended Exterior Painting Process

The exterior painting process is involved, so the contractors hired by Five Star Painting to complete jobs go through an extended checklist. It includes:

• Preparation

• Priming

• Painting

The exterior of your home protects the interior from the outdoor elements. This means that it captures all the dust, debris and other particles floating around in the air. The preparation allows the team to clean up. Then, any items that are broken are repaired. This includes damaged wood and weathered trim. Old paint is removed. Next, the surfaces are hand-washed or pressure washed.

Before the first coat of paint is brushed onto any surface, a coat of primer is applied. Primer improves the life of the paint, and it helps it look its best. Finally, the coats of paint are applied.

Paint Makes a Difference

It is true; a fresh coat of paint makes a difference. Over time, you may not notice that the paint is fading day after day. It is not until you make a comparison from a year ago to its current state that you can truly spot the difference. A fresh coat of paint helps you fall back in love with your house and property.

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