Boynton Beach is a bustling city in Palm Beach County. Near to Boca Raton and even closer to Delray Beach, those looking for sun, sand, and surf flock to Florida's East Coast. Residents lucky enough to call the city home know the value of regular maintenance. And those concerned with looks hire professional painters in Boynton Beach to freshen up the appearance of their homes and businesses. 

If you're on the lookout for a reliable painting company, Five Star Painting of Boca Raton is here to help. We're known for our exceptional painting services that are a cut above the rest. Always on time and on budget, you'll never have to worry about poor-quality workmanship, surprise fees, or pushy contractors. Want to see the benefits of choosing an all-star team? Call our friendly staff today to get started, or read on to discover more about our professional painting services.

Your Interior and Exterior Painting Company in Boynton Beach

Painting requires skill, precision, and expertise if you want a flawless result. Our painting contractors have extensive experience with painting and will arrive with all of the necessary supplies to complete the job while protecting your property and respecting your time. 

Here's a look at the many painting solutions we offer Boynton Beach residents:

Residential Painting Services

Interior Painting

Go ahead and make every room in your home stand out with our interior painting services. A chance to differentiate spaces within your home, you can create a relaxing color scheme in the bedroom and a vibrant vibe in the kitchen–all with a little of the right color paint! Our interior residential painting services include:

  • Wallpaper removal
  • Cabinet painting
  • Eco-friendly painting
  • Interior walls in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices & more
  • Garage floors
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Crown molding painting
  • And more!

Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting is all about curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home won't just make your property shine, but it will also help protect it from moisture, insect, and thermal damage! Our exterior services include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Siding
  • And more!

Commercial Painting Services

The way your business looks can either attract or deter customers. It can make visitors feel comfortable or engaged, or it can make them want to run away ASAP. Freshly painted walls are a sign that you care about the condition of your business and how your customers feel while visiting–and that holds true no matter what type of industry you are in. A few of the most common commercial painting services we offer are for:

  • Education centers
  • Gyms & fitness centers
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Religious institutions
  • Apartment complexes

Let us be a part of your property management plan to keep your business in Boynton Beach looking great year in and year out! 

Choose The Right Boynton Beach Painters For Your Next Painting Project

As the premier choice for interior and exterior painting jobs in Boynton Beach, Five Star Painting has extensive experience in the trade. We offer a comprehensive range of painting services for local property owners, delivering outstanding service from start to finish. Just check out our customer testimonials! With 175 locations across the US and Canada, we've been in business since 2004, committed to improving the look and feel of local properties. Other reasons our customers love us?

Superior Quality Painting

We use Behr and Sherwin Williams paint, two companies known for their quality. Alongside our state-of-the-art equipment and tools, you can count on our professional team to perform a quality paint job–no matter where in your home or business!

Everything We Do Is About Our Clients

From the first phone call you make to our friendly customer service team, you'll know the difference choosing Five Star Painting makes. Whether you prioritize a clean work area, quality paint, or exceptional workmanship, you'll get it all and more.

Always On Time & On Budget

When you hire our reliable team, you never have to worry about late or missed appointments. We'll always arrive on time, ready to get to work. What's more, we'll always stay on budget. That way, you can plan for other renovation expenses or simply enjoy the benefit of no surprise fees!

Call to learn more or book a service with our painting contractors today!

Painters in Boynton Beach FAQs

How Often Should I Paint My House?

It is important to paint your home or business building regularly to protect it from the elements and maximize curb appeal. But exactly how often is that? The recommended time frames are different for interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Interior walls: We recommend that you repaint your interior walls every 3 to 5 years. This depends on the traffic volume of the room and how much sun exposure it receives. If you are thinking of changing up the color of your walls for decorative purposes, you can do this as often as you would like. 
  • Cabinets, Doors & Trim: You can go about 8 to 10 years between painting your cabinets. However, this time may be shortened depending on the preparation of the paint job, if primer was used, and what type of paint was applied.
  • Exterior Walls: You will need to repaint the exterior walls of your home every 5 to 10 years. This is dependent on the quality of paint used for your last painting job and the type of surface being painted. For example, stucco should be repainted every 5–6 years, whereas wood should be repainted every 4–7 years.
  • Decks: High-quality deck paint jobs can last up to 10 years, but with high volumes of traffic, high temperatures, and furniture moving, you may not get that long. 
  • Fences: Fences have the shortest lifespan of paint. It's recommended that you paint your fence every 3 years or when you begin to see the paint peel, bubble, or fade. Painting your fence can prevent issues like wood rot and cracking caused by the elements.

Painting is one part of an essential maintenance routine to protect the surfaces and walls of your home or business. Neglecting to do so may lead to damage from the sun or moisture, which may cause you to replace your deck, fence, cabinets, or trim prematurely.

When is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of My House?

Living in sunny Boca Raton in South Florida means we see great weather year-round. That also means that essentially any time of the year is a great time to paint the exterior of your home–though we know how unpredictable the weather can be. With that said, we will always take local weather forecasts into consideration, and in the event that we experience persistent rain, we will reschedule your service to another convenient time. 

Is It Worth it to Hire Professional Painters in Boynton Beach?

Hiring a professional commercial property or house painter is worth it if you're looking for a quality job completed efficiently. It's also a great idea if you don't have the time or expertise to do the job correctly. While certain types of painting are easily accomplished by DIY professionals, such as painting accent walls, concrete floors, and cupboards, a certain amount of skill is required if you'd like to avoid sloppy paint streaks. A few of the many benefits of hiring a professional painter in Boynton Beach include:

  • Professional results. There's a reason professional painters exist. With ample experience, training, and attention to detail, our experienced crew completes painting projects to the highest of standards. When hiring Five Star Painting, you will always get flawless results.
  • Save time. Don't have time to paint your entire property? We do. Whether you're a busy Florida business owner, have a hectic schedule, or simply don't want to use your precious free time to paint, using a professional painting company will leave you more time to do other, more important activities.
  • Avoid damage & mess. Have you ever attempted to paint your cupboard or trim only to leave a mess of paint on the floor, ceiling, or countertops? It's very easy to make a paint mess, and it's not so easy to remove it. Avoid this frustrating event by calling in a professional team. We take care to protect areas and will always clean up after we're done.
  • Stay safe. Tall commercial spaces or homes require special equipment for painting. Not every home or business owner has this equipment, nor should they. Work done from high heights should be completed by someone with proper training, and that's one of the biggest reasons that choosing a professional company is so beneficial.

Do I Need to Prep My Walls Before a Painting Service?

Your walls will definitely need to be prepped before the painting process, but that's not something you need to worry about. We include preparation in our painting service. So what does it entail? Well, it's important that all dust, debris, and damage be removed from the interior and exterior walls before we can paint. This may mean pressure washing your home or business exterior or hand-washing interior walls and surfaces. The success of a quality paint job depends on how well a surface is prepped, so we take this first step very seriously. Certain types of damage, such as drywall, ceiling, or trim damage, may need to be addressed before we get started, but we'll alert you of this during your initial consultation. 

Is Professional Painting Expensive?

A painting service that takes a few hours and one can of paint will be much less expensive than one that takes an entire week and 10 gallons of paint. The same goes for decorative painting services such as accent walls versus painting services for your entire building. While we will need to get the details of your project before we can give you an accurate painting estimate, we can give you peace of mind now and tell you that what we quote is what you'll pay. There will never be any surprise fees on your bill, and your total price will never be unexpected. That way, if your painting project is part of a larger renovation, you can go ahead and budget accurately.

What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

Not sure which color to go with? We can help with color suggestions and swatches to help you find the right shade. Providing assistance with color selection is just one of the many ways we work toward total customer satisfaction.

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