Residential Painting Services

Give Your House a Welcoming Color

Other than getting the preferred design for a house, the colors painted on your home will give it that final look. If it’s not a new home, fresh paint will give your home a refreshing look, making it almost as good as new. As you plan to give your house that amazing look, be sure to hire a qualified team to do the job.

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Painting Services We Offer

At Five Star Painting, we work with proper painting contractors. They ensure your house is well prepared before it gets that final paint. The preparation process will involve the removal of loose paint, repairing damaged sections, and sanding the exterior. For the interior, you can expect the team to cover all furniture, move large objects, and use drop cloths. The team will ensure your property does not get damaged.

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Give Your Interior the Best Appearance

When it comes to painting the interior, there are many areas that you can focus on to give it a personal touch. Every color should represent a specific mood in your home. The painting contractors we work with can manage areas like bathrooms, living rooms, pantries, dining rooms, drywall, basement, and the kitchen. The team will use quality paint of your liking and offer you other preferences for each section.

Give Your Home a Beautifully Colored Exterior

It is obvious that you would want the exterior of your home to be as freshly painted as the interior. It is the first thing people will notice the moment they arrive at your address. An experienced painting team can pressure wash the exterior and offer you a diverse selection of paint to select the best option. Washing is part of the preparation process before your home gets a high-quality paint job.

Most of the exterior painting projects involve garage painting, porch painting, shed painting, exterior trim painting, and exterior door painting. Other exterior surfaces that the team can paint — or stain — are bricks, wood siding, stucco, cedar shingles, and composite siding.

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Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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