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When you need updated or refreshed cabinets, we’d like to be the go-to choice for your cabinet options. If your old cabinets are outmoded, we can refinish them for you.

If your current cabinets are of sufficient quality but you want a new color that ties the entire room together, know that we work with painting contractors who offer high-quality cabinet repainting services. Repainting aging cabinets is no easy job. The specialists we'll send out to you will first uninstall the cabinets. They'll then prep the cabinets by removing old paints or varnish and work at each piece until they achieve the perfect look.

Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off-white cabinets.
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All Cabinets Can Be Painted

We work with painters who can paint brand-new cabinets or your existing cabinetry. Here is just some of what we can paint:

  • Basement cabinets
  • Garage cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Closet shelving
  • Bathroom cabinets

How Difficult Is Cabinet Updating?

Even the handyman in your family knows not to touch the cabinets in any home. Unless they are movable pieces that are not fastened, it can be difficult to dismount them for proper refinishing. Cabinets are meant to be installed with a sense of permanence. In order to close the gaps and get the seamless, uniform look that makes them look like something intrinsic to the home, they are often glued into place.

Finding the hidden fasteners and removing cabinets can easily damage the soft wooden surfaces or retaining walls. Prepping, painting and the final reinstallation are also complex tasks. The painters we contract with have to apply expert techniques and use lots of coordination to refinish cabinets, but they're experienced at this sort of work, so you can feel confident in them while they're working on your cabinets.

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