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Professional Cabinet Painting Can Save Money

Kitchen with white countertops and blue cabinets

Kitchen remodeling can cost big money. If you decide to sell your home down the line, you may be able to get a good return on your investment.

Are you planning a kitchen remodel, but must stick to a budget? Consider having your kitchen cabinets painted or stained by one of the paint crews we work with. Our reputable cabinet painters will not only stay on your budget but also stay on time.

Painting or staining your cabinets can give your cabinets a new look. All this while costing less than replacing them.

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What Are the Benefits of Cabinet Painting?

Kitchen with cabinets painted white and kitchen island painted gray

Weighing the pros and cons of replacing vs. having your cabinets repainted? Let us help you weigh those options.

Cabinet Painting Is Faster Than Replacing Your Cabinets

If you decide to replace your kitchen cabinets, you will have your work cut out for you. Not only must the old cabinets be removed, but your kitchen may need structural changes to assure that your new cabinets fit.

Do the surfaces of your cabinets bother you to the point of wanting to replace the cabinets? Consider having them painted or stained. Our Fayetteville cabinet painters know how to paint your cabinets to make them look new and stylish.

Cabinet Painting is Cost-effective

Professional cabinet painting is a mere fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Some work from our Fayetteville cabinet painters can literally make your cabinets look like new!

Our cabinet painting services are ideal if you:

  • Plan to move and want to improve your home
  • Want to enliven your home's mood, look, and feel
  • Want to cost-effectively improve your home

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Many Cabinets in Your Home Can Be Painted or Refinished

If you think that only your kitchen cabinets can benefit from paint or stain, think again. Painting is a treatment that interior designers often recommend for cabinets throughout the home. Especially when the cabinets are structurally sound. In fact, painted cabinets have become a trend.

The cabinets in your bathroom, basement, garage, study, or other places in your home will undergo a stunning transformation. That's the goal when you work with our Fayetteville cabinet painters.

The Right Colors Can Make All the Difference

Paint brush with paint swatches

Getting your inspiration from magazines or home improvement shows? Decide how you want your cabinets to look and leave the work to the painting professionals. You won't be disappointed with the results.

Or - perhaps you have no idea where to start with design and colors. We'd love to help! We're experts and know how various colors reflect you as the homeowners. Need help choosing the best colors for your cabinets? Let us know and we'll be happy to help.

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Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off white cabinets.
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