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Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, cabinets can mean the difference between a bland space and one that’s lively and inviting. When done correctly, the color of cabinetry can create a completely fresh look for a room. You can coordinate the colors of your cabinets with other kitchen features or use them to introduce an attractive secondary color in your color scheme. Some homeowners prefer their cabinets to stand out, while others want them to blend in.

At Five Star Painting of Loudoun, we offer customer-focused and quality-driven cabinet painting services for homeowners throughout Loudon County, VA and the surrounding areas. Check out our photo gallery to see examples of our exemplary work!

White cabinets after being painted by Five Star Painting.

Painted Cabinets Can Bring Your Home to Life

Beautiful cabinets stand out in kitchens and bathrooms, bringing life to a dull space. Along with countertops, flooring, and appliances, they play a significant role in creating an attractive and inviting environment. Newly painted cabinets can bring a special uniqueness to a room. At Five Star Painting of Loudoun, we’re proud of our premier cabinet painting process.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

All our cabinet painting projects vary depending on your cabinets' current condition and the project's scope. You can expect the following process when you have your cabinets painted by our team of experts:

  • All your doors and hardware are removed from all cabinets.
  • All cabinet surfaces are sanded and prepped for painting.
  • Paint is sprayed on doors in dedicated and protected painting space.
  • Areas surrounding mounted and base cabinets is covered, then spray application is done in smooth, even coats.
  • Once the paint dries, cabinets are reassembled for a beautiful final product.

Options for Updating Your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

Unfortunately, cabinets don’t maintain their perfect condition forever. Depending on their current condition, your home's cabinets will eventually need to be refinished, painted, or replaced. Homeowners have a few options for updating their cabinetry, including:

  • Cabinet replacement
  • Cabinet refacing (replacing just the doors and veneering the boxes)
  • Cabinet painting

Should I Have My Cabinets Replaced or Painted?

Cabinet replacement is usually unnecessary and the most expensive option for homeowners. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, cabinets can take up more than 30 percent of your budget. If your existing woodwork is in good condition, it isn't worth replacing it.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting Services

Cabinet painting is the least expensive option when you need to update your cabinetry, and it's well worth the benefits it provides. Our painting process is as simple as changing the color from brown to white or another color. This minor change can completely transform a room.

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When you want to enhance your home’s cabinets, you need to work with a team of professional cabinet painters you can trust to exceed your standards. Five Star Painting has more than 120 locations in North America, including Loudoun County, VA and the surrounding areas. We’re happy to answer any questions, whether you want to learn more about our painting process or an estimate for cabinet painting services cost. Contact us today to receive a free price estimate for professional kitchen cabinet painting services!

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