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The right cabinets for a kitchen or bathroom can mean the difference between a bland space and one that evokes nuance or charm. Cabinetry has the ability to create a fresh look if done correctly.

Cabinet color plays an important role in maintaining a consistent palette and color scheme for kitchens. Cabinets strengthen a primary color or introduce an interesting secondary color. They can be designed to stand out or give more attention to other contrasting elements in the room.

Beautiful cabinets stand out in kitchens and bathrooms. They are just as integral to creating an inviting environment or attracting potential buyers as much as counter-tops and appliances. See for yourself in the before and after time lapse video above of a cabinet painting job we did for a customer.

A new color can go a long way to making a room unique. We highly recommend updating the brown cabinets.

Painting versus Other Alternatives

Homeowners have some options for updating cabinetry. These include:

  • Cabinet replacement
  • Cabinet refacing (replacing just the doors and veneering the boxes)
  • Cheap particleboard cabinets from IKEA
  • Cabinet painting

Cabinet replacement is the most expensive option and usually unnecessary. If the cabinet woodwork is in good condition, it isn’t worth completely replacing it. And if you are looking into a kitchen re-model, cabinets can eat up over 30% of your budget.

Refacing is less expensive and a better alternative than replacement. Usually worth considering if only your cabinet doors are in poor condition. Research the estimated costs first.

Particleboard is basically the Wonder Bread of woodwork and only devalue the home. If your cabinets require replacement or refacing, don’t get particleboard.

Most of the time, the cabinets themselves are fine and can look transformed just with a new color. Cabinet painting is the least expensive option and well worth the benefits it provides.

Cabinet painting is as simple as changing the color from brown to white or another color. New color, maybe knob additions, and it’s good as new — no cabinet replacement or carpentry work required. Minor changes like this can show huge improvement. Check out these befores and afters of a kitchen we have done.

Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off white cabinets.
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