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The Colors That Brand Your Company

Can customers recognize your business by your logo, sign and ad coloration? Does your building fit in with the color scheme of the rest of your marketing campaign? Ideally, a unique company should stand out from the rest and be easily recognizable. A professional color design increases your visibility and enhances your existing branding and marketing efforts.

A fresh paint upgrade can modernize an older building, and it makes everything look fresh, new and clean. Potential and existing customers alike will notice the positive change a paint refreshment creates.

White living area with teal accents on drapes and door.

What a Paint Upgrade Tells Your Customers:

  • Your company maintains itself.
  • The environment is upgraded and clean.
  • They can be comfortable in the ambiance you provide.
  • You believe in your business enough to invest in it.

Fresh paint makes a building look well-maintained. Even more importantly, it also sends a signal to customers that the company is clean and modern. Cleanliness is extremely important for businesses such as those in food service and health care, but no business in any field should make customers feel like the environment isn't sanitary. Customers will always feel more comfortable and at ease in a refreshed, clean-cut location.

When you want to build customer confidence with a professional paint enhancement, call Five Star Painting of Lubbock in Lubbock to learn how easy an upgrade can be.

Enhance Your Branding With Matching Paint

We work with painting contractors whose paintwork will match your needs. Do you have existing signage, logos, and ads that define your brand? Our experienced color consultants can match your building with your existing color palette. If you don’t have an existing color scheme or are hoping to completely change and modernize your look, we are happy to help you select something that will reflect the best of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Painting

How do I choose the right commercial painting company?

Choosing the right commercial painting company is essential, and it's important to enlist a team of skilled professionals who have the necessary expertise for your particular project. Your initial step should be evaluating the qualifications of the commercial painter by scrutinizing their portfolio and soliciting customer references. Furthermore, it's vital to review their customer service standards and determine if they offer a guarantee for their workmanship, which is something we proudly provide at Five Star Painting of Lubbock.

What are the skills required for commercial painting?

The skills and expertise required for commercial painting projects exceed those needed for residential paint jobs. Commercial painters need advanced technical knowledge and skills to accurately prepare and complete painting applications within the designated timeframe. In addition to color matching and mixing, they must follow OSHA-regulated safety practices, have meticulous wallpapering skills, and communicate effectively with colleagues to ensure customer satisfaction and meet strict deadlines. Creative solutions using unique colors can make commercial spaces stand out from competitors, making them a valuable asset for commercial painters to possess.

How do I know if my commercial painter did a good job?

Determining the quality of work done by a commercial painter can be a difficult task as it goes beyond just aesthetics. It's important to ensure that the painter is also committed to maintaining the structural integrity of the commercial property. A competent commercial painter should pay close attention to detail, maintain open communication throughout the project, and leave the work site clean and secure. These are all indicators that you have found a reliable commercial painter.

Are you prepared to increase the value of your office building? Let us assist. Schedule an appointment with Five Star Painting of Lubbock today!

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