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North Houston Cabinet Painters

Wanting to update your kitchen usually starts with high hopes but dashed dreams once you start getting prices for tearing out the old cabinets and installing the new ones. There are other options besides that drastic step, though. Painting or refinishing the cabinet fronts is a great way to update their appearance at a fraction of the cost and in nearly no time at all.

It May Not Be as Simple as You Think

Painting your cabinets may not be as simple as popping open a can of paint and slapping a coat or two on the surface. There are several things you should consider before you get started. For example:

  • Are there areas that need to be sanded or refinished first?
  • Do you have hidden hardware that may be difficult to remove if that is how you plan to do the painting?
  • Do you know how to protect the other surfaces if you leave the cabinets in place during painting?
  • Are you familiar with how to get an even, streak-free surface on your cabinets?

Before you struggle with your cabinets on your own, give Five Star Painting a call at (713) 234-6693 for your free estimate!

A Whole New Look

Painting or refinishing your cabinets can make the entire room look brand-new. You can take a set of dark, dated cabinets and make them brighter and more modern with the right type of finish and without having to make a single, physical change in your kitchen, bathroom, or other area. If your cabinets are making your room less than what you would like it to be, it is time for a change.

Beyond Just Paint

Paint or a new finish is great for updating cabinets, but when the wood is in bad shape, you need something more serious. Rotting wood can be a hazard, especially if the cabinets are in higher-traffic areas where splinters and even falling cabinets could cause injuries to family members. Five Star Painting offers light carpentry work, in addition to painting services, to take care of all your cabinet refinishing needs.

Five Star Painting can handle repairs and replacement of cabinets, trims, and molding. Call us at (713) 234-6693 to schedule a free estimate at your place in the North Houston area.

Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off white cabinets.
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