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Cabinet painting is one of the best ways to transform the look of a room with a complete renovation. A fresh coat of cabinet paint can bring a room to life. Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn offers residential cabinet painting services in Oak Lawn, IL. While many customers want their cabinets to make an impact, others want a classic look. Many people choose cabinet painting services to freshen chipped and old paint. We help meet your style goals with the perfect color of cabinet paint. Reach out to us to learn more about our cabinet painting services for your home. 

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Our Cabinet Painting Process

Our cabinet painting process is about transforming a room with color. You can trust our service professionals to perform a thorough paint job. We always consider your cabinets' current condition and the scope of the project when we determine our process to paint your cabinets. Our standard cabinet painting process includes the following steps:

  • Removing all doors and hardware
  • Preparing and sanding the area for a smooth finish
  • Applying paint to the doors
  • Applying paint to the mounted cabinets
  • Reassembling the cabinets after the paint dries

How to Upgrade Your Bathroom or Kitchen Cabinets

You have multiple options when it’s time for a new look in your kitchen or bathroom. We recommend the highest quality selections that last decades. Your standard updated cabinetry options include the following:

  • Cabinet painting
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Cabinet replacement
  • Particle board cabinets

Trending Cabinet Colors

It seems there are countless options for cabinet colors. Trendy colors change yearly, so it’s important to know the style you want for your cabinet painting projects. You can stay classic or go wild with style. Our service professionals will help you choose paint colors for your cabinets that work for your rooms. We are experienced in the best ways to brighten up any room. Our high-quality paints come in many different colors. We typically help customers choose colors that blend natural woods, neutral tones, and the outdoors. Some of the most popular cabinet colors include the following:

  • Beige
  • Earthy undertones
  • Natural grain colors
  • Timeless black
  • Dark blue
  • Neutral white
  • Reddish tones
  • Neutral gray
  • Two-toned colors
  • Tri-toned colors

Should I Replace or Repaint My Cabinets?

Replacing or repainting your cabinets is a significant difference. Completely replacing your cabinets is the most expensive option and isn’t usually necessary. We tell our customers that cabinets usually take up more than about 30 percent of your kitchen remodel budget. If your wood is in good condition, it’s usually best to paint it. Our fresh coats of paint offer an effective and beautiful way to transform a room. A simple painting job on your cabinets will make a big impact on any room in your home.

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn?

Professional cabinet painting services offer a fast and gorgeous way to boost the look of your rooms. You don’t need to purchase new cabinets when we can help your existing cabinets look as good as new. Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn specializes in transforming spaces with our high-quality painting services. We do it all, from exterior home painting projects to interior wall painting projects. Our team provides upfront pricing without any hidden fees. Our highly trained service professionals work hard to ensure you’re happy with our cabinet painting services. We always clean up after ourselves and respect your house. We would love to meet with you to discuss your style goals and help you choose the perfect paint color for your cabinets.

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Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn is here for all your painting projects in Oak Lawn, Alsip, and Evergreen Park, IL. We give your kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms a facelift without a complete renovation. Freshly painted cabinets brighten the room and give it a unique style. We are always here to answer questions about our painting projects and address any concerns. Contact us today to schedule cabinet painting services to request an estimate for any painting project in your home.

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