Cabinet Painting Services

The Many Advantages of Cabinet Refurbishment

Five Star Painting works with top painting crews who specialize in cabinet refurbishment, and we have helped many customers save money while beautifying their homes. Refinishing your cabinets opens up many possibilities to renovate your kitchen and the other rooms in your home. The many advantages of cabinet painting include:

• More eco-friendly

• Faster completion time

• Many more style options

• Less disruption to your home

• More affordable and cost-effective options

Much More Than a Fresh Coat of Paint

Cabinet painting is about much more than just a fresh coat of paint. In fact, the final coat only comes after many painstaking steps taken to ensure that your cabinets, including doors, drawers, and other features, look new. Prep varies depending on the condition and style of the cabinets but can include:

• Priming

• Sanding

• Caulking

• Surface repair

• Fixture replacement

Do your cabinets have wear that makes you uncertain? Know for sure. In-home consultations are provided at no charge and without obligation. Call us at (402) 543-3239 or contact us online.

Many Cabinet Types Can Be Painted

Common candidates for refurbishment are the types of cabinets found in kitchens. These include the wall cabinets but also base cabinets, tall cabinets, cabinet drawers, and stand-alone cabinet doors. We can work on stock cabinets but also custom and semi-custom creations. The painting pros we work with can also finish the elements in your kitchen that are related to the cabinets, such as your kitchen island and any shelving. They can also refurbish cabinets in your:

• Garage

• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms

• Home office

• Home theater

• Family rooms

Other Surfaces, Too

Better yet, these techniques are not limited to just cabinets. We have already mentioned kitchen islands, and there are a wide range of other surfaces throughout your home that can be refurbished with these methods. These include:

• Mantles

• Bed trunks

• Built-in shelving

• Stand-alone shelving

• Closet and pantry storage

No one refurbishes cabinets with the skill and cost-effectiveness that Five Star Painting does. Contact us online or call us at (402) 543-3239 to schedule your free estimate.

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