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At Five Star Painting of Springfield, our team of expert painters have mastered the art of delivering superior quality. We engage skilled contractors to handle your repainting projects. Your dream is part of us, and we are here to ensure it becomes a reality. We work with painting contractors who offer the following services to give your home a brand-new image.

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Professional Cabinet Painting Near You

At Five Star Painting of Springfield, you will find all solutions to your chipped or outdated cabinets after an in-person assessment by our estimators at your Springfield, VA home. You do not have to replace your cabinets as the contractors with whom we work have the skills and experience to help revamp them again.

We deploy project managers to your site; hence, you can seek any clarifications. The rooms where we can handle cabinet improvement include:

  • Basement
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Laundry area
  • Home office

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Fence and Deck Renovation Services

Painting your house could give your home a new look. Upgrading your deck and repainting your fence can also go a long way toward improving your home's aesthetics. Applying a new stain brings a notable difference, and you can never go wrong by choosing the professionals with Five Star Painting. Painting contractors who work with Five Star Painting employ the latest technology to get the job done and hopefully surpass your expectations.

Other services include:

  • Concrete cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Deck restoration
  • Deck priming

What Makes Our Painting Experts Stand Out?

Hiring Five Star Painting for your home upgrade projects comes with many benefits. First, we aim to offer our customers the best services with modern technology as a keynote element. Second, our core values and philosophy could conquer all odds as we strive to maintain professionalism and ensure quality.

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Frequently Asked Springfield Painting Questions

Why should I hire painters for my home?

There’s a variety of reasons why you should hire professional painters. First, hiring expert painters will ensure your home has a high-quality paint job that you love. At a first glance, painting your home may seem like an easy project for you to DIY. However, it requires a professional to have a paint job that will last and serve its purpose.

The reliable painters at Five Star Painting of Springfield know which paints are needed each painting job. We make sure we utilize the correct paint application techniques your house needs for a beautiful and effective paint job.

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How can painting my home help increase its value?

Having your exterior, interior, and even your cabinets painted professionally helps boost your home’s value and curb appeal. Professional house painting services from our team can be especially beneficial if you plan on selling your home in the near future!

New and refreshing colors can help your Springfield home stand out. Along with this, it’ll help make a great and long-lasting first impression on your potential buyers. After all, it’s one less thing your future buyers will have to worry about!

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