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  • A painting specialist sits down to paint a wooden deck.

    Upgrade Your Deck with a Brand-New Coat of Paint

    A Newly Painted Deck Can Boost Your Home’s Overall Appeal At Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay, we believe a gorgeous deck can add ...

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  • A DIY painter stares at his messy kitchen strewn with cabinets and buckets of paint. We can't see his face but we can assume he is very overwhelmed.

    Why You Should Hire a Professional for Cabinet Painting

    Don’t Underestimate the Upsides of a Professional Touch In our last blog , we discussed the many upsides of repainting your ...

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  • A homeowner kneels on her kitchen floor as she repaints old, dated, and dingy wooden cabin a vibrant matte blue.

    The Many Benefits of Repainting Your Cabinets

    Upgrade Your Cabinets from Drab to Fab with a New Coat of Paint Are your cabinets dated, rundown, and visually unappealing? If so, ...

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  • A wall with chipping lead paint.

    The Health Hazards of Lead Paint & How Encapsulant Paint Can Help

    Understanding the Many Dangers of Lead Paint There is a high chance of lead-based paint in homes and apartments built before 1978 ...

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