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  • A homeowner kneels on her kitchen floor as she repaints old, dated, and dingy wooden cabin a vibrant matte blue.

    The Many Benefits of Repainting Your Cabinets

    Upgrade Your Cabinets from Drab to Fab with a New Coat of Paint Are your cabinets dated, rundown, and visually unappealing? If so, ...

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  • A wall with chipping lead paint.

    The Health Hazards of Lead Paint & How Encapsulant Paint Can Help

    Understanding the Many Dangers of Lead Paint There is a high chance of lead-based paint in homes and apartments built before 1978 ...

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  • A paint roller painting a green wall.

    Why High-Quality Paint Matters

    Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Short-Term Advantages At Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay, we understand that saving money is always a ...

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  • A hand scans a brochure with various shades of paint color.

    How Paint Colors Can Make a Space Appear Larger

    Did you know the strategic use of paint colors can make a room look larger? At Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay, our design experts ...

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