The Benefits of Repainting or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Give Your Kitchen an Affordable Upgrade by Repainting Your Cabinetry

Deciding whether to paint/refinish or reface your cabinets can be difficult. Painting your cabinets is the simpler, more affordable, and faster solution – giving your cabinetry a fresh, clean exterior. Refacing, on the other hand, is costly and time-consuming. Refacing is not the same as resurfacing a cabinet. Resurfacing is the process of sanding down a wooden cabinet to create a new veneer and design. It involves giving your cabinetry an entire makeover.

Given this information, we recommend painting your kitchen cabinets if:

  • The doors are in good condition
  • You want to keep your frames, shelves, handles, fittings, and drawers as they are
  • You are happy with the material of your cabinetry but ready to alter its color scheme
  • You are currently satisfied with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen

Although it is certainly possible to take the DIY route and resurface/repaint unfinished cabinets yourself, we suggest considering the benefits of professional assistance. Painting cabinets requires meticulous detail and advanced techniques to ensure the paint applies smoothly & evenly. A small application error can lead to streaky lines and drips.

Repainted cabinetry also requires extensive sanding to ensure the new coat does not easily flake, peel, or fade. This is particularly important for furniture in a kitchen environment since you’ll naturally be cleaning your cabinets frequently. Sanding can make a mess and release unhealthy particulates into the air. Avoid these hazards by reaching out to {Sub:BusinessName} today! Our painting specialists draw upon years of experience, industry-leading equipment, and time-tested methods to deliver stunning results. We can transform the look of your kitchen cabinetry in no time!

Refacing Cabinets Can Transform Your Kitchen Quickly

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the front-facing components (the cabinet doors, hinges, handles, and fixtures) but leaving the framework (and internal shelves) the same. This process can transform your kitchen and give it a noticeable upgrade. However, it can be pricey, time-consuming, and create a temporary mess. It can also be tricky to synch the color scheme of your old framework with the newer features. Some designers might suggest using a wood veneer to match the new cabinet doors. We can also repaint your framework to match your new hardware and cabinet doors.

If you are unhappy with the shape, material, and hardware of your front-facing cabinet doors, refacing is an excellent solution. However, when refacing your cabinets, you will spend more and throw all the old materials away. This is why homeowners on a strict budget prefer to refinish and repaint their cabinetry, which modifies the look of your kitchen without undergoing a dramatic overhaul.

Nevertheless, we suggest refacing your cabinets if:

  • You are renovating your entire kitchen
  • You are thinking of replacing your cabinets but want to save money
  • The cabinet doors are in poor condition or dated/ugly, but you’re happy with the frames and shelves
  • You are ready to upgrade the handles and fittings
  • You want to boost the resale value of your home

Hire a Professional Painter Today

If you decide to reface or repaint your cabinetry, give {Sub:BusinessName} a call! We offer affordable painting services that get the job done with stunning results. Painting cabinet sides, hinges, and around hardware/handles can be challenging work. Unlike painting flat surfaces, like walls, cabinetry requires an extra level of skill and craftsmanship, or the result will likely look splotchy and sloppy.

Our cabinet painters will take care of the entire project. Arriving punctually and fully equipped, we will tape and cover surrounding surfaces, lay down drop canvases, and get to work immediately. Our goal is to deliver pristine finishes without misplacing a single drop of paint. If your kitchen cabinets still enjoy sturdy frames but need a splash of new life, we are your go-to local solution! Let us enhance the value and design of your home by applying a fresh coat of paint today!

For professional painting services, request a free price estimate by calling us or contacting our courteous team online!