Photo of a fireplace over which hangs a wall decal of cartoon birds

Workin' the Walls

From portraits and pictures to posters and artwork, how do you work your walls? Changing up the design of your wall décor can be a nice way to add a new look to that room that may be lacking in your home. Whether it’s new wall decals or picture frames that pop, try shaking up the look of your walls for a new design!

Wall Decals

Wall decals can be trendy and fun! From birds and trees to spelled-out names and unique designs, wall decals can add an interesting twist to a variety of rooms in your home. Consider including the name of a child in their bedroom, or spouses’ names in the master bedroom.

Flower Wall Decal over a white couch in a white room

Bird Wall Decals on a white wall


Have you ever considered hanging up a mirror in a living room or dining room? Mirrors can be a fun way to add some new style, and may even help make the room look larger. Try adding a variety of mirrors and sizes in a unique pattern. From circles, squares, rectangles or hexagons, choose one or more mirrors and try creating a unique design.

Mirrors over a fireplace in a living room

Picture Frames

Add some picture frames that pop. From unique designs and interesting patterns to creative colors and shapes, add picture frames that pop to your home.

Picture Frames on a orange wall over a red couch in a living room

Highlight your Interests

What are your interests? Do you like cooking? Consider hanging cookie cutters on your walls. Do you like sports? Consider adding a wall decal of your favorite team’s logo or a favorite athlete. Do you like scrapbooking? Hang up a bulletin board and add a scrapbooking design that can be easily modified on a regular basis. Remember to customize your walls to your liking and personal or family interests!