Light-colored bedroom with a cloud-covered forest in the background

8 Bedroom Design Tips to Help You Sleep Better: Part 2

In Part one of ‘8 Bedroom Design Tips to Help You Sleep Better’ we covered the best colors for a restful bedroom, comfortable bedding, and removing distractions and storage to help promote peace and rest so you can recharge. Today we will cover other design elements and things that may be detracting from a restful night’s sleep including: clutter, light, dark and noise.

5) Clutter
A mess around your room can also have a similar effect on peaceful snoozing. Get rid of clutter. Simplify your bedroom as much as possible. If it doesn’t have to do with sleep and rest get it out of there. Find another place to keep it—clothes in the closet, papers in the office, jewelry in the vanity room, etc.

Bedroom Design Tips: Clutter
Try to remove as many distractions from your bedroom as possible so you sleep more peacefully.

6) Light
Proper lightsLink opens in a new tab either distract from or promote sleepLink opens in a new tab. Be sure the lights you choose for your bedroom are dim enough to keep you in bedtime mode. Install a light dimmer switchLink opens in a new tab in your main light fixture. Choose low watt bulbs for your lamps. Avoid full spectrum light bulbs as those tend to wake up your brain because they simulate the sun which signals that it’s time to wake up.

Bedroom Design Tips: Light
This bedroom has some beautifully placed lighting which is more conducive to sleepy time.

7) Dark

Exposure to any light while you are sleeping can affect the quality of sleep you get. For this reason consider getting blackout shadesLink opens in a new tab or drapes for your room. Be sure when you install your new curtains to hang them properly so you don’t have any light sneaking through the cracks. Also, get rid of that nightlight, choose a dimmer alarm clock, and get it out of your face.

Bedroom Design Tips: Dark
Heavy, blackout drapes will knock out the light coming in the window at night and improve quality of sleep.

8) Noise
A ceiling fanLink opens in a new tab is a great idea to install in a bedroom because it serves a dual purpose. Not only does it help you stay cool, but it also creates white noise which blocks out other sounds that may disrupt your sleep.

Bedroom Design Tips: Noise
A ceiling fan in the bedroom can help cut down on noise that could wake you up at night.

I know this was a lot, so I made a list to recap and help you create a restful bedroom. Let me know how it goes. If you have already done this to your room, what did you learn? Are there any recommendations you could share with me?


  • Non-sleep promoting colors: Purple, brown and grey
  • Technology: TV, computers, etc.
  • Exercise equipment
  • Clutter
  • Storage
  • Nightlights


  • Sleep promoting colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, or Silver
  • New Mattress (as needed)
  • Light Dimmer
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Blackout curtains