Color Spotlight: Orange

From autumn leaves and pumpkins to bright and bold flowers, the color orange can be seen in a variety of shades in the color spectrum of our lives. Originally receiving its name from the orange fruit, orange today is often used to make things stand out. From the Halloween holiday to fruits and vegetables, orange plays a colorful role in our everyday lives.

About Orange

When you see orange, what feelings do you experience? Orange is a warm color. It is associated with optimism and enthusiasm. Orange oftentimes stands out among other colors and is used for life jackets, life rafts and apparel for highway workers.

Orange in taste

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, orange may be more common than you think: mangoes, oranges, apricots, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and carrots.

If you’re looking for a new way to add orange to your home, consider creating an orange-colored fruit centerpiece for your kitchen table. Include oranges, mangoes, cantaloupe and apricots. During the fall, consider creating centerpieces with small pumpkins and gourds to add a touch of orange to your home.

Orange in Design

If you want to go bright and bold when repainting a room, put orange on your list of potential colors to choose. If you like orange, but aren’t quite ready to add it to your walls consider adding orange home décor such as lamps, curtains and picture frames. Using the complimentary colors of blue and orange can also be a nice touch for a room’s color scheme.