Photo of a Christmas town miniature set, with decorated storefronts, tree, snow, and townspeople

Holiday Spirit: Decor and More

Whether it’s a fresh snowfall, holiday music, or the scents of the season, different elements of the holiday season can stir up special feelings or memories within us. How do you bring out the best of the holiday season within your own home and lifestyle? From holiday decorations to baked goods to the spirit of giving, bring out the best in your home and yourself this holiday season!


Seasonal decorations can be a fun way to add some holiday cheer to your home. From stockings and candy canes to wreaths and ornaments, spice up your home with some holiday fun. If you have children, consider setting up a toy train and village to add some extra holiday flair.

Holiday Decorations


Liven up the season with lights! Colorful lights are a fun way to add some extra color inside and outside of your home. Whether it’s exterior lights, interior lights, or the scents and warmth of seasonal candles, decorate your home with lights!

Holiday Lights

Baked Goods

Tasty treats and baked goods can be a favorite of many during the holidays. From fresh cookies to homemade pies, try enjoying the holiday season with a batch of baked goods. The scent can be delightful and it can be fun to use a traditional recipe or branch out to some new recipes.

Holiday Baked Goods

The Spirit of Giving

Remember to spread holiday cheer and joy during this holiday season. Give of yourself to the benefit of others. Try volunteering at a local soup kitchen, donate canned foods or clothing, give to a charitable foundation of your choice, or simply be a friend to someone in need. Whatever it may be, remember to give back during this holiday season.