Photo of a bedroom with dark blue paint accent wall

Beautiful Bedrooms: A Master Style Guide

Furniture and decor are important elements of any room in your home, but color is the true mood setter. It’s easy to get the look you love once you select an appropriate color and pattern combination. Take a look at some of our favorite color/design options to get that master bedroom you’ve always dreamed of having!

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your entire home. Choose colors that make you feel relaxed and happy. Soft shades of blue are sure to create that restful, chic retreat you’re looking for.

Bedroom Style Guide: Blue

Bedroom Style Guide: Brown

Bedroom Style Guide: Mint

Cool colors like blue or grey work well with brass and gold toned accessories and decor. Once you’ve painted your serene oasis, complete the look with fun pieces.

Bedroom Style Guide: Gray

Accessories that contrast or harmonize with the main color in the room are a great way add interest. Consider adding light fixtures, gilded mirrors or designer chairs.

Bedroom Style Guide: White

Bedroom Style Guide: Tan

Bedrooms are the ideal space for neutral paint colors like white, cream and taupe. Use various shades of neutral to keep your bedroom from being boring. White and cream work in unison or separately with almost any other paint color.

Bedroom Style Guide: Cream

Bedroom Style Guide: Taupe

Bedroom Style Guide: Neutral Colors

Bedroom Style Guide: Neutral

Don’t be afraid to express yourself with bold patterns. Patterns and geometric designs can work beautifully in your bedroom and are a perfect way to add layers and texture or create drama and style. Whether you’re considering a painted wall treatment pattern like horizontal stripes, a budget friendly and DIY-able wall stencil or a fun patterned accessory, patterns are a great way to add pop to your room.

Bedroom Style Guide: Geometric Designs

Bedroom Style Guide: Patterns

Bedroom Style Guide: Geometric Designs and Patterns