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  • Photo of colorful fireworks in the black sky

    Bonus Post: Independence Day Shout Out

    In honor of this weeks holidays in both Canada and the United States, we would like to wish you all a happy Independence Day! To ...

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  • Photo of a brightly colored dining room with a bright green accent wall

    Dining Rooms: The Brighter the Better

    Make an everyday dinner special by adding bold colors and patterns to your dining room. Check out some of our favorite ...

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  • Photo of skewers on a lit grill

    Father's Day Gift Idea: Ready, Set, Grill!

    Given your busy schedule, you may not have had time to think about Father’s Day, let alone prepare for it. We feel your pain. If ...

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  • Photo of a living room with a green chair, green lamp, and green accent wall

    Color Spotlight: Green

    From the colors of spring to ‘going green’ to pressing the gas pedal when the traffic light turns green, the color green plays a ...

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