Photo of a living room with a green chair, green lamp, and green accent wall

Color Spotlight: Green

From the colors of spring to ‘going green’ to pressing the gas pedal when the traffic light turns green, the color green plays a prominent role in the color spectrum of our lives. Green is seen throughout the outside world. While the beauty of green is often seen in nature and fresh growth, this natural color can also be enjoyed within our own homes.

Why Green

Green has a natural feel and is affiliated with life, youth and nature. Green is also commonly associated with Ireland and the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. If green is a favorite color, or a color that stands out to you, consider a fresh new interior look with green in mind.

Why Green?

Green Home Decor

Green Room

Bringing Green to your Home

If you’re looking to add a “Wow” factor to one of the rooms in your home, green may be the way to go. There are a variety of shades of green from bright and awakening to dark or bold. Select some options for green and look at different paint chips. Brainstorm ideas for unique designs or try adding different shades on different walls.

Bringing Green to Your Home

Green Home Design

Green Home Decor Tips

If you like green, but don’t want it painted on your walls, consider adding green furniture or décor including lampshades, drapes and picture frames.

Green Home Design Tips