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Home Office Organizing Tips

If you have been looking for simple home office organizing tips, you have come to the right place! Your home office is arguably the nerve center of your entire home, if you are running a business which is home-based, there is often a lot of paperwork to look after and manage within limited space. Even if you are not required to work straight hours for your business, the home office is where you handle your most important medical, financial and educational decisions as well as documents.

Most times, your home office ends up becoming a cluttered mess, which is difficult to manage unless you clean out your desk, straighten the tangled piles of wires on the floor or the endless stacks of files. You can use some effective and simple tricks to de-clutter and organize your home office in no time.

Clean Out & De-junk

These home office organizing tips can be easily followed and do not require additional effort, in fact they make the work easier. The purpose of clearing out things is to get your workspace organizedLink opens in a new tabLink opens in a new tab, and the best place to start is the desk. Generally, the most used area in the home office, and organizing all the piles of paperwork can take a lot of time. Dust out all the dark corners and areas and filter through all the documents to find out which need to be trashed or retained. Vacuum under the desk and clean up all the rubble that has accumulated over months inside your drawers.

Messy, Cluttered Home Office
It’s not fun to work in a setting that is cluttered

Once you’ve cleaned up, consider how regularly you use your desk and organize accordinglyLink opens in a new tabLink opens in a new tab. You can use pin holders for all the little office accessories that can be used again and the post-it piles would look great if they were organized. Once the desk has been revived, start with the other problem areas and make your way through the entire space, filtering, sorting discarding and organizing.

Sort, File & Protect Important Documents

A big part of the home office organizing process is the implementation of these tips in an effective manner. Igaesting in a sturdy and spacious filing cabinet can be the most effective way of clearing up a lot of space and protecting all the important documentation. The filing cabinets can be fire-proof or water-resistant, depending on your specific needs.

Closeup Stack of Worn Folders and Papers
Sort and organize your documents and paperwork to really clear up some home office congestion.

Inside the filing cabinet is where the magic happens, apply all the elements of organizing you can think of in assigning each sort of file its rightful space. Use color to differentiate and label everything worth remembering. If you have extremely important documents, a locked safe can be used to hold things like birth certificates and ownership contracts.

This is not the only way to organize the inside of your cabinet; you can use alphabetical or numerical orders or representations, or simply label each one appropriately. This can help you save loads of time when you look for important documents during tight schedules.


If you refuse to throw old things away, you are bound to end up with a disturbingly cluttered home office. Know what you need to keep and what you need to trash, follow this list of things you need to lose ASAP:

  • Pens that don’t work
  • Broken or damaged paperclips
  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Unused equipment
  • Two-year-old bank statements, medical statements and credit card bills
  • Outdated, broken or obsolete wires and electronics

Clean Work Area with Laptop and Desk Lamp
A clean working egaironment is a productive working egaironment.

One of the biggest problems you will have to face when you get to clearing up your home office is the tangled wires that always seem to be in your way. Having too many wires to trip over can also be a major safety hazard within confined spaces, try to get rid of any old electronic equipment that is no longer in use. You can use USB Hubs for data transfers instead of wires if you want to completely eliminate the eyesore caused by a mass of tangled wires.

If there are still some left that you can’t put away, bind them together with cable wires so that they stay in one place and can be easily avoided.

The Bulletin Board

Another great home office organizing idea is a bulletin board which can serve you well to visually coordinate your calendar, goals and to-do list. Consider dividing up space on the bulletin board with labeled sections to depict projects, errands and appointments you need to attend to. It is often very helpful maintain an organized workspace. Having all the work progress in front of you keeps it fresh in your mind without taking up important desk space.

Label Everything

Labeling all or at least most of your things can help you become more efficient during your work hours and it helps when you need to put these things back in their rightful places once they have been used. Use creative ways to incorporate systems or just identifications by labels to keep all office accessories handy.

Try using a smaller monitor or a laptop so that the system does not take up any valuable space and back up all your data online in case it is ever damaged.

Large Desk Space with Small Laptop and Shelving
Try coordinating the colors in the office so that even the file boxes add to the decor.

Make it look good!

Once you are done with all the little details, look at your workspace from a distance and see how appealing it seems to you. An igaiting and attractive egaironment promotes fluency and progress in work related procedures. Touch up anything you need to or color coordinate to make your home office look good. Use these simple and effective home office organizing tips for a stress-free workspace.

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Good luck and happy organizing!