Photo of a teen's bedroom with light colored walls and dark bedclothes

Teen Bedrooms: New Designs for the Teens

Is a new school year soon approaching for your teen? Finish off the summer with a bang by redesigning your teenager’s bedroom. Combine the best of new looks with your teen’s personal likes to create a bedroom design your teen can enjoy for the coming years.

Cool bookcase for teen room

Talk to your teenager and find out what ideas they have for bringing a new style to their personal space. Do they like a specific sport, have a favorite hobby or enjoy reading? Do they want a new color in their room. Finalize ideas for a new bedroom design that appeals to their likes and interests.

What does your teenager use their bedroom for? Do they spend time with their friends, read books or work on homework? Set up their room in such a way where it will still be functional for your teen to accomplish specific activities.

Simple changes can make a big difference in the look and feel of your teenager’s bedroom. Add some new shelving, decorate the walls, put in a new desk, install a new overhead light fixture, or even change up the position of the bed and add some new bedding. Whatever it may be, adding some new features to your teenager’s bedroom can bring a fresh feel before the upcoming school year begins!