Dorm Room Design: Style and Simplicity

Photo of a brightly colored dorm living room
From hitting the textbooks to hanging out with friends to getting your much needed rest, spending time in your dorm room is just another part of the college experience. Bring out the best in your dorm room and add a design you enjoy coming home to.

What’s your Style?

Design your dorm room with your style in mind. From the bedding and pillows to the desk space and wall décor, create a dorm room design that you enjoy. Highlight a specific color or create a uniform pattern to bring out the best in your dorm room. If you’re tired of your current design, get together with a roommate, brainstorm some ideas and try something new.

Bright dorm room with orange walls, rainbow rug and charcoal colored furniture

Go Simple

Keeping your design simple can be a plus when it comes to your dorm room. In most cases dorm rooms are small and you typically aren’t in the same room for all four years of college. Avoid purchasing large or bulky items that take up space, or are difficult to move. Think simple and save space. Utilize under bed storage space or closet accessories to take care of your extra items. Consider adding desk accessories such as a pencil holder or paper tray to help you stay organized.

Modern, minimalist room with purple walls, furniture and artwork with white accents

Be Unique

Do something that is different and unique, but defines who you are. Make a picture collage of family and friends on your wall with a variety of different picture sizes. Develop a quote board with your roommates and add 3×5 cards to it with your favorite quotes. Hang up Christmas lights to add some extra color and flair. Whatever it is, be creative and have fun!

Bedroom with chocolate accents, chandelier and raspberry colored walls