Photo of a brightly lit living room with large windows and wooden floors

Winter Decorating: Bring the outdoors in your home

Forced indoors by the bitter cold? Yearning for the calming, refreshing powers evoked by the outdoors? Longing to see the long-gone green of fresh grass and sprawling trees once more? Well mope no more, my outdoorsy friends! It’s time to bring the outdoors indoors! We even have a few tips to get you started on your blossoming renovation project:

1) Paint it! In true Five Star Painting fashion, our first recommendation is to apply a new fresh coat of paint to your space. Greens and blues often remind us of the earth, plants, water and sky. Neutral tones (whites, tans, beiges) will make your interior feel natural and clean.

2) Don’t touch that floor! Natural, organic flooring tends to be more “outdoorsy” than the cold, man-made stuff. If you must bring in new floor, go for other natural-esque materials such as wood, bamboo, cork, etc.

3) Lighten up! Get as much natural lighting in your room as possible. The bigger the windows, the better. Get rid of bulky, heavy drapes and hang up lighter, more sheer material.

4) Texture it! Now it’s time to add fun furniture and accessories to your new indoor oasis. Natural fibers, textures and patterns are everywhere. Wicker, hemp, rattan and jute can be used on furniture, area rugs, lampshades and all other sorts of accessories imaginable.

5) Ventilate your space! This tip is super easy and can even save you a little money. Simply ventilate your room with fresh air. Put screens on your windows, turn off your air conditioner and let the outdoor air refresh your space!

6) Entice your senses! Complete your room with natural, woodsy scents or floral potpourri. Make your space relaxing by bringing in outdoor sounds of the beach, rain or running water.

7) Hug the Earth! Most things come in an eco-friendly version these days. Using these products in your outdoorsy room will help you feel closer to nature.