Signs It's Time to Have Your Home's Exterior Repainted

Signs It's Time to Paint - Exterior

Does the exterior of your home look like this?

Cracked paint on wall

Or this?

Home with chipping paint

And is your wood deck or fence starting to look like this?

Weathered wood deck floor boards

These might look more extreme than the issues you are seeing around your own home, but they illustrate common problems homeowners find. Cracking, peeling, blistering, fading, discoloration, and caulk failure between seams are all signs it’s time to have your home’s exterior re-painted. Exterior painting can be more costly than changing colors on the interior, but we recommend not putting the project off. Any time you see failure in the paint or caulk’s seal, moisture and other elements are able to penetrate your home’s finish and could cause damage.

Watch this video for more signs to look for, as well as how Five Star Painting will restore your home’s exterior to new:

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