10 Paint Tools You Need

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This spring, whether you plan to paint the garage at home, or the patio picnic area at work, it’s fun to tackle a do-it-yourself, (DIY) project you will be able to enjoy in warmer weather. Before you start humming Ol’ Blue Eyes’ version of “I Did It My Way,” take a look at the top painting supplies you’ll need for your project! We pulled together our advice, and researched several industry colleagues’ opinions to develop a list of the top 10 paint tools you need for the job (+ a bonus at the end)!

Our top five tips come from the Pretty Handy Girl blog. This site takes the female perspective on empowering you to complete your projects.

  1. Scotch-Blue Tape with Edge Lock: Many times it’s easy to get caught up with making sure your whole surface is covered with paint, and forget about how to properly paint the edges! Blogger Brittany Bailey recommends using painter's tape with the edge lock feature. She says this has really helped her keep hard, straight edges while painting rooms in her home.
  2. Pro-Masker 2000: Essentially a tape dispenser, Brittany claims she has saved hours of time using this little gadget! Because sharp edges are difficult to complete with just a brush, we recommend painter's tape as mentioned above. But sometimes it’s faster to speed up the process with one of these gadgets.
  3. Metal Paint Tray with Hooking Legs: If you’re planning on painting up high, having a paint tray with legs that can hook to the ladder is a must! It will allow you to paint a ceiling or crown molding, it certainly beats training your dog to balance the paint tray on his nose while standing on his hind legs for you.
  4. Paint Mixing Drilling Attachment: It’s the same kind of concept as pulling out your mixer rather than beating that cake batter by hand. Why not use a gadget to mix your paint for you? A paint-mixing drilling attachment fits onto a corded or wireless drill and helps make sure your color is mixed evenly, and more quickly.
  5. Paint Pail with a Handle: Another friend to painters in high places, this pail is a must-have for painting above six feet on interior or exterior jobs. Being able to hang your pail from the ladder will save you time, and will let you save your thigh workouts for jazzercise.

The next five suggestions on our list come from The Family Handyman blog. We couldn’t leave you fellows out!

  1. Sturdy Aluminum Bench: The DIY experts of The Family Handyman magazine highly recommend this product because it serves three purposes in one. They say it comes in handy when you need a table to use as a mixing or prepping station, can give you the boost of a few feet you need to reach that high spot on the wall, or can serve as a bench to take a rest in between walls!
  2. Easy-Clean Chinex Brush: When you change colors, scrubbing your brush clean can be a real hassle. We recommend a Chinex paintbrush to save time. Rinsing with water should be able to strip the bristles of the paint, and get you ready for the next coat.
  3. Edge-Painting Tool: If you plan to paint a large area or several rooms, it may not be practical to use painter's tape for all your edges. If you are willing to invest anywhere from $40 - $125, you can purchase an edge-painting tool that protects one surface, while providing a paint roller for the other.
  4. Handy Paint Pail: This handy, little tool makes it easier to hold onto your paint without getting hand cramps! It also means you don’t have to keep stooping to the floor to rewet your brush.
  5. Heat Paint Remover: Using heat as your ally while painting can save you time and money on chemical removers. Invest in this gadget and a paint scraper to make updating the color of doors and other wood surfaces a lot easier and less time-consuming.


Cell phone screen browsing Five Star Painting website   11. Cell Phone: Forget tools 1-10 and use your phone to contact the professionals at Five Star Painting. We will arrive on time for the scheduled appointment, give you an exact cost and time estimate for the job, and then do all the work for you. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to freshly painted surfaces in your home!