Burger with text: 10 insider tips to make your painting project go smoothly

10 Insider Tips to Make Your Painting Project Go Smoothly

What better way to test out the Five Star Painting experience than to have your own house painted? That is exactly what Five Star Painting of Suwanee GA owner, Scott Specker, did in September 2016. During the experience, Specker took notes on what a homeowner can do to help the process stay on track and finish as-scheduled. Read below for his top 10 insider tips!

tips for house painting

  1. Move your cars out of the driveway. This allows painters to get to their vans and equipment more easily.
  2. Have lunch ordered in at least one day. The painters will feel appreciated and likely get back to work more quickly.
  3. Stay out of their way. Try and live in your basement or another area of the house.
  4. Be kind and cordial but limit lengthy conversation that might extend your job or get one of them in trouble. Just like in your office, there is a guy at the water cooler wasting time.
  5. Have the crew complete your bedroom and bathroom first. This way you feel comfortable showering and changing when they are in your home.
  6. Have realistic expectations on the cleanliness of your home during painting. Professionals will prep and sand walls prior to painting and this causes dust that lingers in the air.
  7. It is tempting to ask the painters to do extra work, but know that if you ask for more, your costs may increase.
  8. Light candles and open windows to get rid of the paint smell.
  9. If you have a gas dryer, the paint fumes will cause your clothes to smell like kerosene. Try to do all laundry before they arrive.
  10. Changing colors in your home will make you want to shop for other new items in your home to match the new decor. You have been warned!