Photo of Tammy Andrews, Cindy Praesel, and Dayna Roberts in front of the recently repainted Fuzzy Friends Rescue sign

Fuzzy Friends Rescue - Sign Makeover

Cindy Praesel, along with her husband Ray and son Nolan, are owners of Five Star Painting of Waco TX. With a soft spot in her heart for animals in need, Cindy and her crew volunteered to give the local no-kill animal shelter - Fuzzy FriendsLink opens in a new tab - a little lift this past weekend.

The Why

Cindy has done volunteer work for Fuzzy Friends off and on since they opened in the late 1990's, including volunteering to make blankets and dog coats for the shelter to sell to raise money, as well as donating food and cleaning supplies throughout the years. Cindy said, "Our first dog, Molly, was adopted in 2002 and is still going strong today! Our second dog, Mitzi, was on the side of the road when I drove by, and I called Fuzzy Friends to come and get her since she was only about 8 months old. They picked her up and two hours later I called them back to be on the list to adopt her. She is still with us today!"

Recently Cindy noticed the sign out front of the shelter could use a little pick-me-up, so she volunteered her time and painting expertise to get the job done.

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The Process

To prepare the sign for new paint, they first had to pressure wash to get the grime and dirt off, otherwise the paint would not stick. The sign has some elements in it that were mixed with the cement and were causing rust stains to bleed through and run down the sign. "Rust is very hard to remove, so we used bleach and a scrub brush to get most of it and then pressure washed again. This process took about an hour and a half since we needed to do this on both sides of the sign." cites Cindy.


Fuzzy Friends Rescue Sign (Before Cleaning and Re-painting)

Power Washing

Five Star Painter Cleaning Fuzzy Friends Rescue Sign

Pictured: Nolan Praesel

The next day, Cindy and friends, Dayna Roberts and Tammy Andrews, arrived to begin the painting. "With three volunteers, it took about two hours to paint one side of the sign. The time went by fast, because we loved what and why we were doing it. One of the volunteers, Tammy Andrews, takes dogs in to foster. She even carries a Chip Scanner if she sees a stray dog."

The contrast of black lettering on the concrete sign will allow passersby to identify the location more easily. A big THANK YOU to our paint partners at Sherwin WilliamsLink opens in a new tab for donating the paint!

If you are looking for a "fuzzy friend" and are in the Waco, TX area, check out Fuzzy Friends RescueLink opens in a new tab or call 254-754-9444.


Cindy, Ray and Nolan Praesel, Five Star Painting of Waco, TX Proprietors Paint the Fuzzy Friends Sign

Pictured: Dayna Roberts

After (group selfie!)

Five Star Painting Crew Take Selfie in Front of Cleaned and Re-painted Fuzzy Friends Rescue Sign

Pictured left to right: Tammy Andrews, Cindy Praesel, Dayna Roberts

Photos courtesy of Cindy Praesel, Five Star Painting of Waco - 254-875-0129