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Natural Disaster Preparation Tips

Here at Five Star Painting®, our thoughts and prayers are always with the residents affected by pending storms, earthquakes and other disasters. We have put together a list of best practices to follow immediately before, during and after these terrible events.

  • Make plans with family members on where to meet and how to communicate after a storm in case cell phone networks aren't working or essential roads are un-driveable, or it's simply too dangerous to travel. The Arlington CERT site has an online form to fill out (even if you're not an Arlington resident). Go hereLink opens in a new tab.
  • Kids in school or day care? Know the facility emergency plan and requirements if someone besides a parent must pick them up.

Last minute tips:

  • Be sure to pack your vehicle with necessary items (flashlights, radio, water, snacks, first aid kit, etc.
  • Store or secure outdoor furniture. High winds can blow even heavyweight chairs and tables across your yard and maybe into your house or pool.
  • Do you have skylights? If you have time before evacuation, use waterproof tarps to cover them if they are shattered by hail.
  • Move your potted plants to a protected area.

What to do (and not do) during the disaster, especially storms:

  • Follow the evacuation directions of your local authorities if you are asked to leave the path of a storm.
  • If you are hunkered down during a disaster, go to your safe room when extreme winds or tornados are a threat.
  • Listen to your weather radio and/or monitor the weather on TV, radio and internet if possible.
  • Avoid windows and skylights during high winds and hail.
  • Stay inside! Never go out into hail, high winds and lightning to rescue pets or plants.

Things to do after the disaster:

  • Be very careful exiting your home after a storm, earthquake or other disaster. Beware of downed power lines, trees and broken limbs that may be ready to fall and ruptured gas lines. Report them as soon as possible.
  • Clean debris from gutters and drainage areas.
  • After a hail storm, have your roof checked for damage by a professional.
  • Also after hail, walk the perimeter of your home and check for damage to screens, windows, siding, fences, decks and outdoor furniture.
  • At Five Star Painting, we offer residential and commercial painting, along with other services that may be vital for storm or disaster recovery. Let us serve you with any pressure washing, concrete cleaning, garage floor coatings, and carpentry service needs.
  • In addition, our fellow Dwyer Group®Link opens in a new tab franchises can help with other appliance, glass, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing and other repairs you may need in your home or business.