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Create the Perfect Study Space

create the perfect study space with paintThe start of the school year brings about a sense of enthusiasm, anticipation, and a maybe a bit of anxiety for your child. You can help alleviate this angst by creating the perfect workstation and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Things to consider when creating a study space for your child:

  • Location

  • Furnishings and accessories

  • Paint color

Paint Colors for Academic Success

For years, businesses and schools have tapped into the knowledge of color psychology. ResearchLink opens in a new tab shows that color has a significant impact on learning environments via its effects on a student’s mood, feelings and physiological well-being. The Paint Quality InstituteLink opens in a new tab, offers the following suggestions when choosing study paint for your home:

  • Green – Create a tranquil environment with the color green. Hues such as moss-green or fresh sage can help your child with concentration.
  • Blue – The color blue color exudes calm and is a popular choice for bedrooms. Blue also encourages productivity.
  • Red – You can boost your child’s energy with red. Red is the perfect color for young student who tend to snooze when it’s time to study. Muted colors of red, such as wine, maroon or brick will keep the room from being too stimulating.
  • Yellow – Shades of yellow offer good options for the room where your child studies. Colors like acid-yellow and bright lemon can bolster your child’s concentration and energy.

Try This! Chalkboard, Whiteboard and Magnetic

Did you know paint can be used to create chalkboard, whiteboard and even magnetic surfaces in your home?
create the perfect study space with paint
For younger children or teens, consider applying chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint or magnetic paint. These diverse surfaces will allow your student to be organized, while being creative. They can draw with chalk, make notes with dry erase markers and even post to-do lists with colorful magnets!

Create a Special Study Space

  • Get your child involved in the decision-making process and design of their study space. Their involvement can ultimately make schoolwork more fun and inspire your child to study and complete assignments. Some tips include:
  • Location - Consider your kid’s bedroom, unused closet space, a corner in the family room, or other unused space in your home.
  • Avoid clutter. Personalize the study area with furnishings and an item or two.
  • Place stackable shelves or storage to hold accessories and school supplies.
  • Provide plenty of lighting.

Adorn the desk, chair and other accessories (shelving, trash, etc.) with accent colors to really personalize the space and engender a sense of ownership.

create the perfect study space with paintAdditional Tips

  • You don’t have to have to paint all the walls the same shade! Consider creating an accent wall behind the desk.
  • If working with a smaller space, choose a slim desk style that has built-in shelving and storage.

  • Utilize wall shelving to store books, papers and other supplies.

  • When creating space for younger children, buy furnishing that can grow with your child. For example, if you have a young child, instead of a desk consider a table with adjustable legs.

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