Organize and Label Your Paint Cans

paint can labels
We have all been there: you are trying to touch up paint in a room, only to realize that you have three different paint cans, all with similar colors. How do you know which is which? This can be a stressful situation because guessing and checking is a gamble that you might not want to take if you are limited on time or resources. One of the benefits is putting a label on your paint can.

There are many benefits to labeling your paint cans:

  • It helps with organization: Keeping your paint cans labeled will help you differentiate between indoor colors and exterior colors when painting. It can also help you determine which colors are for which room, if they are all similar shades.
  • Helps the next homeowner: Keeping labels on paint cans can help the next homeowner know which colors go in which room. Putting in this extra work now could help someone else later.
  • Purchasing colors later: Labeling your cans now with the name/color and specifics about the paint will help later on when you go to buy another can. You will be able to simply take a picture of your label and show your paint specialist what colors you want.

What do you put on paint can labels?

  • Paint color (and number)
  • Paint type (acrylic, latex, oil based)
  • Brand/line
  • Finish (flat, satin, semi-gloss, gloss)
  • Room/use
  • Date mixed
  • Additional notes
  • Paint a small portion the paint color, so you can see a sample

After making your label, you now need to determine if you want to downsize your paint can. Smaller, one-pint cans can help when you need to save on space; plus they probably look cleaner. If you decide to transfer your paint into a smaller can, then put your label on the side. We recommend the side as opposed to the top or bottom because those areas are more prone to paint spills.

If you are looking for a template, there are many cute ideas on Pinterest or download our Five Star Painting version here:

Five Star Painting paint can label - downloadable PDF

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