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Paint The Room You've Been Putting Off

With painting rated as one of the most oft-tackled home-improvement projects, it may be on your mind to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint or transform your kitchen or bathroom with a vibrant new color. A fresh coat of paint gives dingy, washed-out walls a new look and has a way of changing everything. Whether you want to create a warmer mood or brightening up a room with a lighter tone and make it appear larger, paint you can find a color that will help you accomplish your objective. If you how are too busy or have little motivation to paint a room do the actual work, consider calling in a professional like Five Star Painting.

Choose the Right Colorchoosing right paint color

With so many color choices, it can seem daunting knowing where to begin. It is important to make sure that you chose the right color for paint room project and ensure coordination from space to space. To help you get started, think of a favorite fabric, pillow or rug that features colors you like. Paint centers, home improvement stores and online website have plenty of combination guides and color wheels and other resources to help you select just the right color for your paint room project, and with confidence.

Job Preparation

Time invested in prep work will help you avoid mistakes. Gather your tools and materials for the job, including screwdrivers, ladder, and roller extension pole, shop vacuum, paint thinner, paint grid tape, and other items. Place furnishing where it can be kept in good conditions and brought back to your newly painted room when the projects ends. If you need storage space, consider renting a temporary storage unit while you work. You can place items that are too broad to fit through the doorway or too heavy to move in the center of the floor and cover it with a plastic.

If you choose inexpensive plastic sheeting to cover your carpet or hardwood floors, realize that plastic can puncture and easily shift out of place. Five Star Painting recommends that you use professional-grade heavy canvas drop cloth to protect your floors. Remove electrical switch plates and outlet covers. Tape over the switches and receptacle with painter’s tape.

Depending on the conditions of the walls, the surface may require:

  • Sand the surface to scuff for paint adhesion
  • Scraping to remove old drips and bumps
  • Caulk gaps
  • Patch holes

Use a solution of water and mild dishwashing detergent, and a cellulose sponge, to remove dust, grime and grease. Rinse the wall with clean water to remove any residue.

Paint Roompaint bedroom tips

Tape the trim, window, and door-frames. To avoid taping every edge, use an angle brush (turned on edge) to draw a straight line. Angle brushes work great for painting along ceiling, corners and around trim, and save yourself valuable time on setup and touchup. Work from the top down--ceiling, walls and trim. Do not saturate the roller with paint. When rolling ceilings and walls, work in 4-foot sections, and start a few inches from the edge.

Paint both the ceiling and walls using a zig-zag pattern, but without pressing and squeezing the roller against the surface. When painting walls, begin at the top and work down. To even out the surface and remove runs and buildups, gently roll the surface from the top to the bottom.

Let Us DIFY (do-it-for-you!)

Contact Five Star Painting to help bring your home painting project to life. We have experienced and professional crews who can add color to you home to enhance your lifestyle and guarantee you satisfaction on your painting project.

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