Gender-Neutral Colors for Your Nursery

Photo of a warm brown and green baby nursery
Choosing whether or not to find out the gender of your baby is a personal decision, but if you opt to be surprised it can be much more challenging to decorate the nursery in time for your new arrival. Fortunately, we have a list of several different gender-neutral color schemes for you to choose from, which are sure to please you and your little one and work well long after they graduate from a crib to a bed.

Gray and Yellow

Gray has long been considered a favorite neutral and works well in a nursery when paired with a bright color such as yellow. The gray tone you use should depend on the amount of natural light the room receives, as some may appear to have blue, purple, or "greige" undertones. A mid-tone or silver gray is warm and inviting, while a darker charcoal gray is more sophisticated and contemporary.

Aqua and Coral

neutral paint colors for nursery,   neutral nursery paint colors 

These two colors were made for each other, and are a refreshing variation on the traditional blue and pink that were once the standard for gender distinction. Treat the walls (and ceiling!) to a coat of calming aqua, scattering hints of coral around the room on window coverings, flooring, bedding, or accessories.

Black and White

 This classic combination gives you so much versatility in the room with your accessories, making it easy to change the look without changing the color on your walls. Choose a warm, creamy white paint for the walls, and consider adding a fun geometric patterned wallpaper for visual interest. Infants are drawn towards high-contrast items with well-defined edges, as that is what's easiest for them to see.

Neutral Palette

For a soothing, gender-neutral design, opt for a blend of organic shades of taupe, cream, pale green, yellow, or blue. These colors work seamlessly together and can be used on walls, ceilings, or trim, along with a variety of shades and textures throughout the room.

Mint Green and Pale Yellow

Once the go-to option for a gender-neutral nursery, these two colors remain the perfect backdrop for any child's bedroom. Inject a hint of playfulness and visual interest by working in a chevron pattern on a feature wall, or wide horizontal stripes around the room.

Ultra Violet

neutral paint colors for nursery,   neutral nursery paint colorsWhether you choose to paint all your walls this rich, purple shade fit for a prince or princess, or opt for a more muted shade of lilac or lavender, you will love how happy and warm the results are. Choose creamy shades of white for the trim, and accessorize with a soft gray or bold teal.

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