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  • A white background, from the left blue and white paint resembling a night sky is visually moving to the right

    How to Paint a Galaxy on Your Ceiling

    At one time or another, all of us have looked into a clear night sky to see a stunning display of stars and planets. Often, the ...

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  • Photo of a bedroom with a blue and white accent wall

    How to Paint an Ombre Wall

    Ombre is defined as the gradual blending of hues from light to dark, and it is reminiscent of the beauty found in nature, from ...

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  • Photo of a colorful green and pink mobile against a yellow background

    Craft Ideas for Extra Paint Swatches

    The last time you visited a home improvement store, did you marvel at all the colored paint swatches on display? These free little ...

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  • Photo of a child's pink room with an open, organized closet

    Painting Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Closet Pop

    Decorating your teen’s or younger child’s bedroom can be a real challenge. For starters, you must make the space personal and ...

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